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  1. GOT1000

    Hallo, I'm new on this forum. I've no experience with GT-designer 3 and GOT1000, so I have the next problem. I can create a bit switch and bit lamp in GT-designer 3, but when I do 'Write to GOT1000', only the bit switch I see on the touchpanel. Not the bit lamp I see. After changing the back and/or frontcolor of this object, its the same result.   When starting GT Designer I get an error message : ''Invalid Decimal point setting, Decimal point is setting to other than "." in your system setting. This application will take "." in operations related to Real values". Maybe that's the cause? And what to do ? Kind Regards Wim Borsboom  
  2. Switch LAMP latch

    Hello  I'm new with GT Designer 3, I'm writing code for a GOT2107 HMI. I have a few buttons that when you press it, the LED on the switch comes on, and when depressing the switch the LED goes off. That's good, but how do I create a latch, that when the switch is pressed and depressed, the LED will stay on. and only go off after the next press and depress?   The attached image is my working switch button. Regards Marinus    
  3. Latch switch

    Hello  I'm quite new with GT Designer 3. I'm writing code for the GOT2107 HMI. I have a few push buttons that works fine when pressed the switch lights up as you touch the switch. But now I want a latching switch. Every time the switch is pressed the light on the switch should alternate. How do I get a switch's lamp to stay on after pressing it?   Thank you Marinus
  4. Hi I am having trouble programming something I thought would be simple. I am using Word Lamp to display 6 different images ie. 6 states.  I have 5 Command Buttons. When pressed each one causes a different image to be loaded . What I want is the 6th image to display when the command buttons are released and before they are pressed. Unlike Bit Button which has a momentary setting , Command Button can only set a state. I wish it had a momentary feature so the state value could  be set when pressed and return to 0 when released. I hope I am being clear with what my issue is .  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Jim