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  1. Hello All! Long time engineer first time programmer. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have an automated Beer bottle rinser, filler, and capper that I need help diagnosing a problem. We purchased the machine in July and it ran great until a couple weeks ago when it doesn't seen to be reacting to bottles being present anymore. FX1s-30MR Here are the symptoms: When a bottle is run around the filling carousel, there is a prox sensor to detect it's presence (X007). There is also a sensor under the machine on the gears to detect timing (X006) When a bottle is detecting there is a slight delay, then the pneumatic valve for the purge fires (Y001), followed by the valve to fill the bottle with beer (Y002). Even though, the LED light on both the sensor and the I/O illuminate confirming that it is receiving the the input signal from that sensor, no output signals are being sent. My first instinct was to check all electrical connections and swap out the prox sensor just to be safe, but still no dice.... So I purchased a USB-RS422 FX cable and downloaded the demo of GX Works 2 to better try to pin point the issue. Using the monitor function on GX works 2 I can again confirm that the PLC is receiving the correct signal from X007 when a bottle is present, however the outputs Y001 and Y002 have a constant value of 0... Unfortunately this program is not simple enough for me to really understand, so maybe someone can make more sense of it than me. (see attached). Also, Not sure if its related, but when I ran the check program there is a double coil error revolving around the Beer inlet solenoid. This is to let beer into the filler bowl, not the bottle. oh and the manufacturer won't be able to help for a couple weeks when they can send a technician... Any thoughts, comments, or questions are appreciated. Cheers, Eric screenshot2.bmp screenshot1.bmp