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  1. Looking for ideas on connectivity issues with RSLinx/RSlogix when using an EWON Cosy 131 running on Windows 10. So here's whats up: Was running windows 7, could connect to the EWON VPN and use the ethernet driver in RSLinx to get to the PLC(compact logix). Also used Automation Direct C-more software with no problem as well. Now on Windows 10, the Automation Direct software still works fine, i can ping the PLC and get to its webserver but rslinx/logix will not pick up the plc. I have tried setting up a new ethernet driver to no avail. I also connected a cable directly to the plc from the pc, bypassing the ewon, and rslinx/logix will then see the plc, so rslinx does seem to "work" in windows 10. Any ideas on how to get connectivity back over the EWON VPN? I have these in customer plants and really dont want to revert back to win 7.   Thanks    
  2. Popup windows on the FT View SE v8

    Dear Experts, I want to pop up a window automatically when a tag value becomes high. Please tell me how can i do it??? Eagerly waiting.
  3. I am converting a PLC-5-40 processor that also has a SST side car for Profibus Dp communication to BK3100 modules on the equipment. To a Control Logix L-72 processsor using a Molex SST-PB3-CLX card to the Profibus modules. Everything went some what smooth until I got to the SSI transducers in the Profibus. The word arrangement is not coming in the same as with the PLC-5. Is there anybody else that has run into this problem and is there a solution. I have contacted Molex, Balluff and Beckhoff the first 2 got back to me I am still waiting on Beckhoff.
  4. I have a PVPlus 600 model with firmware. This version does NOT have an Exit [F8] button to allow access to the Windows CE underneath. What, if any, firmware will allow this? Can I use a keyboard to force the FT Configuration to quit into Windows CE?
  5. Hi I just given a swanky new laptop at work, which is lovely and everything, but does not have an ethernet port. Unfazed by this, I just got hold of a USB to LAN adapter and got to work. My primary development environment is Beckhoff TwinCAT, and was rather gutted to find there are no real-time ethernet devices on the machine(attached image for reference). I was wondering if there was any adapter that I could use for real-time ethernet device. I am aware of latency issues and this would only be used to test communication and make sure everything talk to each other. Cheers
  6. Hi, We have Beckhoff CPU module CX1020-0113 and two Beckhoff AC servo drives conneted using EL7201 card. I want to run both of the motors simultaneously using TwinCAT 2 PLC Control. Since I want to control the position, so I am using MC_AbsolutePosition function block. The sinusoidal trajectory can be taken as 60*SIN(w*t) /*here t is time. w is angular frequency which is constant*/Below is the snippet from PLC program - Please see below image for System Manager Info - Can somebody tell me how to provide sinusoidal trajectory as position? Please note that both the motors must run simultaneously. - Thanks Ravi
  7. Hi, I am calculating velocity and acceleration from position inside TwinCAT PLC Control V2. All these equations have only one variable which is time. Below is the PLC code- (* We are using the external set point generator functionality *)NewPosition := theta_max*COS(omega*t); (* t is time in second *)NewVelocity := -theta_max*omega*SIN(omega*t);NewAcceleration := -omega*omega*theta_max*COS(omega*t);IF NewVelocity=0 AND NewAcceleration=0 THEN NewDirection := 0; (* stand still *)ELSIF NewVelocity >= 0 THEN NewDirection := 1; (* positive motion *)ELSE NewDirection := -1; (* negative motion *)END_IFt:=t+0.01; (* The task is called at every 10 ms = 0.01sec *)(* feed the dynamic data into the external setpoint generator interface of axis *)MC_ExtSetPointGenFeed( Position := NewPosition, Velocity := NewVelocity, Acceleration := NewAcceleration, Direction := NewDirection, Axis := Joint_2);-------------------------------------------------------------(* Below parameters are defined in Global Variables file *)VAR_GLOBAL CONSTANT theta_max: INT := 60; (* in degree *) omega: REAL := 0.62; (* 2PI/Time Period=10sec *)END_VARThe MATLAB simulation of the above equations gives me following results- But this does not work in real Beckhoff motor. Please suggest.
  8. Beckhoff CX1000 PLC question

    I have a machine with a CX1001-0121 controller in it. I don't have the sourcecode for it. I am able to connect and see and force the outputs. Is there a way to extract the PLC program? Even if it's only contact and coils that would be something.
  9. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi All; I am struggeling to get my CITECT to talk with my CJ1MCPU12 with ETN21 module. I can ping the IP address from the citect PC and also connect CXONE using ethernet with supplied IP Address. I do not have FINSGATEAY installed as the PC is Windows 8 with CITECT 7.4. Any Ideas would be most welcome as I am drawing a blank. My settings are OMRON ETN21 IP: Unit number: 0 Citect SCADA Primary Server IP: Citect.INI [OMFINS] Source = 1/3/0 (not too sure what this should be...) COMMUNICATION settings: [bOARD] Name: BOARD1 Board Type: TCPIP Address: 0 [PORTS] Name: PORT1_BOARD1 Board name: BOARD1 Special Opt: -I192.168.0.3 -P9600 -U [i/O DEVICES] Name: Internal Number: 1 Address: 1/3/0/S Protocol: OMFINS3 Port Name: PORT1_BOARD1 Startup Mode: Primary Prioirity: 1 Memory: True
  10. I am planning on buying a new laptop computer and I need to be able to run RSLogix Micro Starter Lite and RSLinx Lite (the free download version). The release notes for RSLogix Micro Starter Lite list which operating systems are supported. Windows 8.1 is not on the list, but that is the operating system that will be on the new computer that I am looking at. Does anyone know if it will run on Win 8.1? I would sure appreciate any information I could get on this. Thanks Mark
  11. Hi, I have a problem with my BC9020 and hope that someone can help me. I managed to set the IP adress of my PLC in the 10.2.5... add a root, run a program and make the PLC working for a while. I then tried another program, a new one... and now that I want to re-read the first program, Twincat System Manager doesn't allow me to enter in the "run mode" and stays in "config mode". It also has lost the IP address I set (10.2.5.....) and came back to the 172.16.22... (manufacturer settings) I cannot determine if the problem is in the PLC Control or In System Manager... This is my method to change the IP *** IP config *** 1) Reset the PLC First I place the end terminal next to the PLC. I set the DIP switches 1,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. I set the DIP switches 2,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. I set the DIP switches 1,2,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. 2) Set my PLC on the same AMS than my own IP (172.16.22...1.1) 3) In System Manager, add a new route 4) change the setting in I/O Configuration -> I/O Device -> Device 2(BX9000) -> clic on BX9000 define "set IP Address" to Manual define " IP Address" to 10.2.5...., the AMS change automatically. Press the configuration button and then Ctrl+F4 (run mode) This method worked but seems not to be the best... If you have any Ideas ? or questions? Thank you in advance Gregi
  12. Hello, Im trying to configure a CANOpen master klemme (EL6751) to communicate with a device (Jetter JXM-IO-E09-G07-K00) in the System Manager, I have several problems, and the communication doesn't work, I explain what i did step by step. First of all the JXM works perfectly with a jetter controller, and i have traced the messages, therefore i could understand that the controller in this case sends constantly RTR request for each object and the JXM replies without any problem. I also tested some SDO commands, and seemed to work This time i need to work with a CX8090 Controller attached to a EL6751, that's why I need to configure this now. - After scanning the devices connected, and having the EL6751 recognized, i attempted to add the CanOpen slave also scanning. The process cannot find any CanOpen Device online. - I add the CanOpen device with "Append Box" and I use the EDS file provided by the supplier and the result is not good. Some SDO read/write failed. So i decide to add the device manually. - I use again the "append Box" option, and configure manually the ID, every TXPDO and RXPDO and Parameters NOTE: My CANopen device send constantly a heartbeat and the values only under request => Trans. Type for every PDO: 253. For this I set manually the inhibit and event times. - I uncheck "Automatic adjust PDO COB Ids" and "Automatic PDO Parameter Download". Also, under advanced configuration i disable the object 0x1000 and 0x1006, since the reply never matched to expected values. After doing all this configurations, and activate them, my CanOpen bus stops responding. the LED Code is - Run Led: blink 2 hz - Err led: ON - The system manager is showing much more errors which i show attached in a file. I also include the sys manager file and the EDS file from the supplier Any hint would be of great help JXM-IO-E09_HCN_V0_4.eds.txt