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  1. Greetings! I have several Access Names defined, which have Primary and Secondary data sources configured, and Failover is enabled.  We are using the built-in failover logic to determine when failover should occur (we are not manually forcing failover). I would like to show some sort of indicator to the user when the Secondary source is being used.  I am aware of the $Sys$Status tag which is true if the data source is connected and false if it is disconnected.  However, this tag doesn't tell us which source is being used (primary or secondary). Is there another $Sys tag or other tag that would tell us this info?   Thank you for any pointers!
  2. Archestra IDE mimic page Editing

    Hi, I appreciate this is forum is more PLC based but if anyone could assist me with a SCADA issue. Namely Archestra IDE it would be appreciated.    Problem: I need to delete two pumps off of a mimic that is being governed by Archestra IDE. The galaxy is being hosted from a server PC.    My question is… If i make a Edit to the runtime program do i need to reboot the program on the server PC or does it automatically update? Same question with the slave HMI’s. Do i need to go around rebooting them after the change or do they update like an online edit? Also do i need to make any changes to the application server or historian that is running on the PC? Thanks in advance. 
  3. Hi everyone, I am new here, currently I am working with AVEVA System Platform SCADA project where SCADA Data need to upload to a database frequently. so I setup a server remotely with database and tables (using Microsoft SQL server Management Studio). and using AVEVA System Platform SQL Data object i made a connection to the remote database and table and also add Attributes same as table Column. now I don't know how to use this SQL Data Object in My SCADA, how can i make it automatically insert My SCADA Data (selected data) to Database Table. Please Help me.