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  1. GX Works 3

    Hi everybody! Recently I've got problem with installation of GXW3 on my PC There is a message "Any of the MELSOFT products or other software may not be installed normally. Please restart computer before installing this product" during installation. Of course I restarted PC)), delete all Melsoft products from my PC,  please i need your Help here ver 2.7 IQWORKS  I have Windows 10 64bit .  
  2. Restart button GT Designer

    We are currently having issues with a non-responding HMI (GT25) when it has been on for a longer period of time. It responds to ping but every time I try to connect via USB or Ethernet in GT Designer 3 it doesnt reply. The solution is just to reboot the panel. Therefor I want to add a button or similar to just reboot the panel. Is there a known solution for this? I don't know of any and googling it isn't really paying off. Before you say it, Mitsubishi has no ideas what this comes from, even though they analyzed the Project file. Thankful for your support.
  3. Mitsibishi Q restart automatic

    At one of our plants we have problem with Mitsibishi Q (Q26UDEH) The PLC reset automatically by itself for unknown reason. The failure of the PLC causes a disruption in our production process. I have make  a counter in the software for counting the first-scan system bit voor analysing. I have exchanged the CPU, power supply, and basic rack, but the plc keeps starting up automatically. Does anyone have suggestions for solving this problem.
  4. Hello, I have a fuel level reading system in a 2000 gallon diesel tank. the system has a slc 5 05 of rockwell. I need to connect the system to a printer located in an office 300 meters away from the tank. can someone give me lights about the type of printer I need and what communication technology to use, preferably wireless. Thanks.
  5. Choosing the right OMRON PLC - Vacuum System

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me. We're currently in the very early stages of re-designing how our vacuum system works. Currently we have 6 vacuum pumps supplying around 8 different packaging machines which we currently have to turn on and off manually depending on the demand on the machines. The challenge is to design and implement a part or fully automated system to control the current vacuum pumps - The key requirements are Supply must equal demand for the vacuum pumps - so they are only used when neededAutomatic switch-off when not in useCycling the use of the vacuum pumps so as not to overuse oneAbility to take a pump out of the loop for service/breakdownsManual override/shut-offScope for expansionUser-friendly interface (possibly touch-screen/wireless)I am a complete novice when it comes to OMRON PLC work and would like some guidance on possibly similar projects or at least pointing in the right direction with which PLC to go for. Thanks for your time Jack
  6. Command Prompt Build

    Hey Guys. I'm starting also this topic for another important question I have. Is it possible to do a batch file that takes the software you stored on a server or TFS system and compile->Rebuild all in like command prompt or something? Has anybody tried anything similar to this?  If there are more than 1 programmers working on the same software that is centralized somewhere, I want the option that in the night the software is compiled and to have the feedback if 0 errors occurred or some errors occurred.   Thanks