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  1. Daisy chaining power to Armorblocks

    Hey guys, I'm trying to power about 31 armor blocks in a daisy-chain. I'm running my power off a panel to a junction box and then drawing cables to Taps and dropping a cable to each Armorblock. I'm using 1732E-8x8M12DRs and 1732E-IB16M12Rs, which have 4-pin mini male ports for power.  1. Are there 4-pin mini cables (18AWG) Taps so I can power the entire system using 18AWG cables? 2. Is it safe to gave 22AWG micro cables and M12 taps and draw out a 4-pin mini cable drop to my armorblocks? 3. What in your opinion would be the best way to daisy chain power to these modules? Thanks!