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  1. I need to set up D/A module. I have few questions. What is the difference between offset and gain setting mode? I would like to use range 0 to 10V which would have to be set as user range setting, can I do it using GX Works 2? Or do I have to use the GX Configurator-DA package?
  2. Hi everybody, I am new in these issues and I have faced a problem that is driving me nut. I am building a mixing batch HMI and its PLC program. In my HMI I created an analog tag that stores and integer number. This tag is responsible to comunicate with an analog input of the PLC I/O expansion module, whose address is I:1.0. In my HMI I put a numerical input box to send values to this analog input, but every time I write a value in this box and press the enter key the numerical input box gets red and don't send the value to the plc. Appear the following error message "cause: Addressing problem or memory protect rungs" on the left botton corner of the HMI. Some pictures are annexed to describe better. Anybody knows what can I do? I am using PLC SLC 5/03 + Analog module 1746-NI4
  3. ML1500 Analog Smoothing

    Hi All, Im sure this has been covered before... Im using a ML1500 and a 4-20ma output flow meter. Due to the erratic flow in the line the analog signal is all over the place. What is the best way to smooth this signal out so I don't see all these variations..??? I don't have a CPT instruction on the ML1500 but there has to be a way. Just looking for the way you guys do this that gives you the best results. Thanks