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  1. Hello people, We have an RSLOGIX5000 V20 PLC in our project. We are currently using 4 input cards and 1 output card. All I / O is declared in controller tags, but not all of them are used in logic. Is there a way to determine how many inputs are actually being used in logic?
  2. Hi all Does anyone know how or the Tool to use for Exporting Variables from Unity Pro so I can remove the Register base Addressing for Various Tags and insert Direct Addressing I/O to the Alias Of Attribute for those Variables? This then to be Imported back into the project with the New Aliasing in affect. I have spoken to Tech Support and they say there is a tool (Excel Add On) that comes with V11 in a directory called Extras. I cant find the directory lol. He is coming back to me about the tool but could not tell me if this tool will help with the Aliasing I need to do. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas on this.