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  1. Hi, i am currently trying to integrate visual studio with advanced HMI tool box to an Omron PLC (cp1h). i am trying to use one of the communication option which is "OmronSerialFinsCom*". But I have no idea how to actually do it. can anybody help me with the setting of the "OmronSerialFinsCom*" properties and where should i download the USB driver for my PLC (cp1h). Thank you in advance.
  2. Simon was a game that I remember well when I was younger. This simple game can teach us how to program sequencers and look for inputs in a correct order. I believe that this can be a great leaning problem for PLC’s and HMI’s. You can learn about bit manipulation and sequencers in the PLC. HMI timing and control is also shown because of the time to play sounds and update to the next random set of lights.   Here is part of the post …   Building a PLC Program That You Can Be Proud Of – Part 5   Simon is a memory game introduced in 1978. It has four coloured buttons, each producing a particular tone when it is pressed or activated by the device. A round in the game consists of the device lighting up one or more buttons in a random order, after which the player must reproduce that order by pressing the buttons. As the game progresses, the number of buttons to be pressed increases. If the wrong button is hit the current game is over. Our game will have a high level score and a current level score.   We will be using AdvancedHMI to communicate Modbus TCP to the Automation Direct Do-More Designer Software Simulator.   YouTube Video of the game being played:   Note: The PLC and HMI programs are provided free of charge and are an excellent way to learn PLC / HMI programming.   Here is a quick review of the programming series so far. If you are new to the site, we recommend reviewing the other parts in the series first. In part 1 we looked at writing PLC programs to control a traffic light using discrete bits and then using timed sequencing using indirect addressing. Part 2 used indirect addressing for inputs as well as output to control the sequence of pneumatic (air) cylinders in the program. Part 3 and 4 we returned to the traffic light application and expand our program significantly. We looked at the sequence of operation using Input, output and mask tables.   The first thing that we will do is look at the HMI programming. Please refer to the following post for information on setting up and using AdvancedHMI software. Create a PLC with HMI Training and Learning Environment Free Read the rest of the post…. Happy Holidays,   Garry  
  3. The following is a post that was recently done. I thought that I would share... We will program a sequencer controlling seven cylinders that can be taught. The cylinders can be operator programmed from the AdvancedHMI screen. You will be able to select what cylinders to activate at each step and program in 500 steps. Our PLC will be the Do-More from Automation Direct. We will be using AdvancedHMI to communicate Modbus TCP to the Automation Direct Do-More Designer Software Simulator.  The following is the sequence of operation: Watch on YouTube: The following is the explaination of the code: Watch on YouTube: To see the set by set development and the code visit our website. Let me know what you think. Thank you, Garry
  4. Deploying An AdvancedHMI Project Here is our latest post on deploying an AdvancedHMI project on the industrial floor. Here are a few thing we cover: Hardware - Fanless Computer - Monitor - USP - uninterrruptable power supply Software - Turn Off windows update - Security - Set permissions - Limit internet use - AdvancedHMI - remove ControlBox, Miximize Screen Size, Topmost property Here is part of the post... Deploying an AdvancedHMI project on the industrial floor sounds like an easy task, but there are a few things that you should consider. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) user interface will run on a computer. The industrial environment is one in which temperature, dust, electrical noise, etc. are always present. This can also be combined with workers wanting to play with the new computer. We will look briefly at the hardware and software items that will make your install more reliable and user friendly in the field. Read the rest of the post... Let me know what you think. Thank you, Garry
  5. Here is a recent post that I would like to share... Create a PLC with HMI Training and Learning Environment Free Learn PLC programming and use a powerful HMI (Human Machine Interface) easily and free. We will use the Automation Direct Do-More programming software tied into the Advanced HMI package via Modbus TCP. Our application will show a HMI screen with a panel meter and a reset button. The panel meter value may be changed by clicking it. This will bring up a input screen to put in a number. When the reset button is selected the input value entered will show on the panel meter. Read the rest of the post... Regards, Garry