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  1. ABB AC500 Program Upload

    Hi   I got an control panel which uses an ABB AC500 "PM582" PLC. This is my first encounter with an ABB PLC, I am a Siemens guy so most of my routine work is around S7-300 / 1200 Systems. I have been doing some research but can't exactly find out if it's possible to upload the program from the ABB AC500 CPU and store it on a PC as a backup file in case one doesn't have the project file which is my case. On the Siemens PLC's this is something possible which can be done using the Step 7 or Tia Portal software but on the ABB i'm unable to find a feature in the software to do that, neither does the documentation clarify anything regarding to this. I hope anyone here with a good ABB AC500 background could shed some light on this.     Rgds   Marvin
  2. Hi, to start, I'm very new to Siemens PLCs, but quite experienced on others (mainly ABB). I'm looking to set up a profinet network between an ABB AC500 PLC and an S7-1200. The goal is to transfer variables from an existing S7-1200 (owned by the customer) to my new AC500. It is required that I do this without having to stop the S7-1200. I can set up the AC500 as a profinet device, and have the S7-1200 remain as the controller, but this requires a config change on the S7-1200, which means I'd have to stop the PLC. I tried setting up the ABB as a profinet controller, but I'm having trouble finding a GSDML for the S7-1200 to allow me to do this.  Can anyone advise me on the best route to take to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.