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  1. Good Morning, I have installed and I can download to the emulator, but something is not correct. I can never get it to run. I can go to comms tab and I can see the driver but I can never select it. Is there a trick to this I am missing? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I am using RSLogix 5 and I noticed that anytime I go to add a rung comment/title and there is an output in the rung that it attaches the comment to the output by default, and if it is a blank/new rung then it attaches the comment to the rung by default. I want it to always attach the comment to the rung, not to the output. Is there anyway to change it so that it automatically always attaches the comment/title to the rung by default regardless if I have an output in it or not. It's not a super impotant thing, but it is just getting annoying to always have to switch to "attach to file/rung" every time, and if I forget, then I have to go back and remove it from that output. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am trying to capture my downtime on one of my machines. I'm using a MicroLogix 1100 running RSLogix500. A part is produced every half second or so on this machine. There is a bit that goes true every time that a part is produced. I have the logic set up so that the 'part produced' bit is an input in line with a TOF. The preset of the TOF is 5 seconds. So, if the 'part produced' bit goes true and then false, the TOF starts to time. Now, if the machine is running, it will go true again within .5 seconds, resetting the TOF, and the whole processes starts again. If a part has not been produced for 5 seconds, then the TOF done bit goes true, which I have latching on a "down time bit". As soon as another part is produced, I have the "down time bit" unlatching. So, anytime that the machine has not produced a part for 5 seconds, a "down time bit" goes true. I then have the "down time bit" as an input in line with an RTO which I made the time base 1 second. So, every time the machine is down for more than 5 seconds, the RTO starts timing, and even when the machine starts running again, the RTO retains it's accumulated count. I then have that accumulated count being moved into an integer so that i can manipulate it and view it how I so please. I have the RTO being reset every shift change (every 8 hours). My question is how can I manipulate the RTO count, which is in seconds, and convert it into hours and minutes? I suppose i could just divide the number by 60 to get minutes, and the minutes my 60 to get hours, but is there a clean cut way that I can have it convert to hours, and then take the remainder and convert to minutes, and take the remained and put it into seconds? For example, if the seconds were 7320, I dont want it to say: 2 hours, 122 minutes, and 7320 seconds, I would want it to say 2 hours, 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Could someone please printout the attached .ACD files for me? I need to reprogram this modified unit using a Micrologix 1500 PLC system and I don't have RSLogix 5000 software to view the old program it ran with before. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm building an AOI in RSLogix 5000 to connect to a 3D Vision sensor. This sensor has an object called a Region Of Interest (ROI), the value of which I output from my AOI as "MyTag.ROI1", "MyTag.ROI2" and so on, up to as many as 20 ROIs. My question is this: Not every instance of the vision sensor will use all 20 ROIs. I want to be able to select how many MyTag.ROI# outputs are visible per each AOI instance, but it appears I can only toggle the parameter output visibility on a global scale. I don't want each AOI to have 20 outputs visible and hogging space if, for example, only 3 are used. On the other hand, I do want the outputs to be visible on the AOI block, and not hidden. Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it? Thanks
  6. RSLogix 5000

    For all those who cant find a demo/trial version of RSLogix 5000 can download one from here Thanks.
  7. I'm just starting to learn Ladder Logic Programming. I'm using Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000. I've been tasked with developing a 'Simple' Coffee Machine which operates like so: Toggle Push Button to StartDrop Cup (for 10 seconds)Feed Hot Water (for 10 seconds)If required, Add Milk (for 10 seconds)If required, Add Sugar (for 10 seconds)Procedure Complete - Illuminate Complete Light (for 10 seconds)I have implemented everything except the OPTIONAL add Milk & OPTIONAL add Sugar. Options are: To have a Coffee without either Milk or Sugar.Or have a Coffee with Milk and Not Sugar.Or have a Coffee with Sugar & Not Milk.Or have a Coffee with BOTH Sugar & Milk. I'm considering using Toggle Buttons to select / jump to a Subroutine (choosing the required ingredient make-up). But I'm wondering if there is another way to sequentially go through the procedure? Thanks.
  8. I am planning on buying a new laptop computer and I need to be able to run RSLogix Micro Starter Lite and RSLinx Lite (the free download version). The release notes for RSLogix Micro Starter Lite list which operating systems are supported. Windows 8.1 is not on the list, but that is the operating system that will be on the new computer that I am looking at. Does anyone know if it will run on Win 8.1? I would sure appreciate any information I could get on this. Thanks Mark