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  1. FF Communication - Voltage drop

    Hello everyone, I am working on foundation fieldbus protocol with PCS7. I am facing problem of voltage drop in successive AFDiS (Active Field Distributor). As part of the DCS hardware I am using CP443-5 EXT.-->FF Link (Redundant)-->FDC157-->AFDiS1-->AFDis2-->AFDiS3. The architecture is daisy chain not the loop. I have checked the current consumption using fieldbus calculator. But everything is fine as per calculation. Even I had tried connecting the AFDiS one by one and also with no load condition. I didn't find solution to this problem. I am attaching hereby the sheet of values which I obtained after connecting trunk and spur stepwise and measure voltage at each point. However when I am using AFD in combination with AFD, the amount of voltage drop is not that much significant. Please advise a possible solution. Thanks in Advance, Gaurav J