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  1. Dear All, I have the RTU module made by Schneider (BMX NOR 0200H), this is M340 PLC family, which is will be used for connected to other RTU using IEC101 protocol via RS232 serial port. Any body can give advice to me how to do mapping the modbus register to IEC101 protocol ? Please. I already try step by step based on the NOR0200H MODULE USER MANUAL, but I have not get result. Thks
  2. Hello everyone, I have difficulty to setting up the GSM configuration or the serial RTU configuration so that I allow you with another RTU. I use Schneider CPU Modicon M340 in conjunction with RTU communication NOR0200H and a Modem Schneider SR02 MOD02. This is the first time I'm working on this kind of project, want to help me, I'm stuck and I need a solution, thank you for your time.  
  3. Hi,   I'm new in the forum. I kindly request a help for an idea on how to access the NOR0200 module without an issue. The problem is that I could not access the webpage with correct display. I am currently using Windows 7 as my OS, Java 8, and IE11. As the manual indicate, the minimum IE version required is IE6, however I could not install those version same as to IE8 with the current OS version I have. I tried the NOR using IE10, 11 and 12. I also tried a lower version of Java 7 update 51 but all the java related display does not display nor even show prompt of allowing to access. Some of the message display in setup were also messy.  I would be very grateful if somebody could help me regarding this. Thank you very much.   Best Regards, Raymond
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having some trouble to setup the GSM configuration so I can receive alarms on my cell phone I'm using Schneider CPU Modicon M340 in association with a communication RTU NOR0200H and a Schneider Modem SR02 MOD02 this is the first time that I work on this kind of project, would you please help me I'm kind of blocked and I need a solution asap thank you for your time