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  1. Hi everyone. I am quite noob in regard of PLC but would like to ask for your advice anyway))) Is there any way I can connect throught the Ethernet port to HMIGTO5310 panel and operate it remotely from the PC? (Something like Remote Desktop Connection in Windows or similar, or independenly) If yes which software I have to use? Will Vijeo Designer help me much? :) Thanks a lot! Sergey
  2. Hello. I am trying to make a serial RS 232C connection between Schneider Magelis HMIGXU3512 and Omron PLC CP1E. However, there seems to be a communication problems between both of the equipment. I am using cable XBT Z9740 for the serial communication cable. The format used is 8.2.N for both equipment. The baud rate is 115200. No Flow Rate is choose. Anyone can help with this kind of problems?
  3. Hi, everyone! I need to connect Modicon M238 (TM238LFDC24DT) with Magelis HMIGXO3501. I was not able to find any programming guide for this family of HMI's, so I kindly ask for a link, or maybe a PDF copy, For now, my problem is that I have SoMachine v4.1 with Vijeo Designer 6.2 installed, and the GXO family is not displayed in the configuration catalog.
  4. Hi people, I'm kind of a newbie with this things and i'm looking for some hints. All the help is welcome. I have a Magelis HMISTU855 and i'm trying to connect it to a S7-200 PLC via a XBT ZG929 MPI-Bus adapter. To do that i have a stripped RJ45 cable to whom i need know how to make the wire connection in a D9 connector, in order to match the pinout of the MPI-Bus adapter. How should i connect the wires from the RJ45 cable to the D9 connector? PS: the RJ45 is plugged into the COM1 port of the Magelis Thank you in advance, Boardwalk.