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  1. Good day everybody,   I have been having issues with opening KGL_WIN for Windows in general, which as of now have been mostly solved, but I have found in particular that whenever I wish to open the 'Used Device' or 'Device Reference' tabs, the program simply crashes. Previously, these options and the program as a whole worked just right. About KGL_WIN, the current version is KGL_WIN for Windows 3.66, Copyright (C) 1999 LSIS. It appears as a "CLIP MFC Application", but I do not know much about what this means.   I have already tried opening in rebooting my PC multiple times, using compatibility mode (Windows 98/ME), using scaling settings, etc, which have helped open the actual program but not the Device Reference tabs. Unfortunately I am not able to share images from this computer.   Hopefully somebody knows of a way to fix this issue. Thank you in advance.
  2. XBC-DR32H and iP5A inverter

    Dear LSIS programmers I want to set communication between XBC-DR32H and iP5A inverter to set and read frequency. I have tried to set protocol but in the settings of iP5A there is not LSBus or Modbus RTU. Please give me a sample code with iP5A Settings. SV is in D00032 and frequency has to be written in the D00040. register in iP5A are 0x0005 and 0x000A. Thanks in advance