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  1. Hi friends, In genie substitutions For example, in a genie%Tag%_MaxValue, %Tag%_MinValue, %Tag%_PV, are done for subsitution of %Tag% with TIT_101as TIT_101_MaxValue,TIT_101_MinValue, TIT_101_PV . In this example, when the genie is pasted, we give TT_101 as the genie's argument. However, if sTag is a string variable, that can take multiple values, -say TIT_101, TIT_102, TIT_103 I find it does not work. When I try using sTag in the genie, %sTag%_XXX it is not getting accepted. So also referencing the prefix as "%sTag%"_XXX is again useless. What is needed to substitute %Tag% by the value of a string variable? so that the tag name referenced is correctly calculated by concatenation of the prefix? Regards,