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  1. Help with CC - Link IE Field

    Hi Im working with an iQ-R CPU wich controls 6 conveyors with a CC-Link IE Field Network, the CC-Link module is a RJ71EN71. Each conveyor has a remote I/O (NZ2GF2B1-16TE Digital outputs main module with a NZ2EX2B1-16D extension for Digital Inputs). The communication in the CC - Link IE Field diagnostic appears to be OK, but I can´t send or receive IO signals from the Batch Monitor of Gx Works 3. Thanks for your attention!
  2. Hi everybody. I'm just getting started with GX Works 3 and I feel a bit lost. If I have an external help file for my function blocks, how do I register this in the program? I can't find it anywhere when I double-click the fb library or in the e-manual Viewer. The file format is .CHM and I have imported this to GXW2 earlier.   /Niklas
  3. hi.  i want to make some program that work with indirect adress. example, i make program with many much type. I make with Got-1000 mitsubishi.   can you bring me some example? i am sorry, my english is Bad
  4. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Hello I am at a loss here. There is something happening with TON_2 that also affects the variable STEG. Even though the input to TON_2 is false, IN and Q are true. Suddenly IN and Q turn false, and at the same time variable STEG makes a jump from 3 to 4, even though criteria for this step is not confirmed. Have had to override this fault by introducing a SR-latch and outside of block make a comparison between NIVÅ_FÖRRÅDS_KÄRL and 150.0 By the way, TON_2 is not declared globally. Would be very happy for suggestions and pointers. Cheers // DAN PE2 Jump.avi PE1 Jump.avi
  5. Label Help

    I am using GX Works2 and I cannot use the format "Label.1" to access the first bit in the word represented by label. Is this a function that just does not work or is it abnormal. Is there a way to do this easily. I am using structured ladder. Also is there a way to use the K*, notation with an array of bools represented by a label. I saw elsewhere the syntax K8<Label>, but that will not compile for me.   
  6. ST program step count

    Hello everyone. I can't find my ST program step count in GX WORKS 2. Does anybody knows where is program step count in GX WORKS2 ?
  7. Program Notes & Comments

    I used to use the Old Dos based MEDOC very many, many, years. I havn,t programmed for years now. We have GX Works 2 at work, and I am practicing programming an FX 3G - 40M to try and keep my hand in. Allthough I can write and read the program ok, the PLC keeps saying that it has no memory for the comments. Apparently the memory has to be set on the PLC. Any advice or information links will be appreciated
  8. Hello All! Long time engineer first time programmer. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have an automated Beer bottle rinser, filler, and capper that I need help diagnosing a problem. We purchased the machine in July and it ran great until a couple weeks ago when it doesn't seen to be reacting to bottles being present anymore. FX1s-30MR Here are the symptoms: When a bottle is run around the filling carousel, there is a prox sensor to detect it's presence (X007). There is also a sensor under the machine on the gears to detect timing (X006) When a bottle is detecting there is a slight delay, then the pneumatic valve for the purge fires (Y001), followed by the valve to fill the bottle with beer (Y002). Even though, the LED light on both the sensor and the I/O illuminate confirming that it is receiving the the input signal from that sensor, no output signals are being sent. My first instinct was to check all electrical connections and swap out the prox sensor just to be safe, but still no dice.... So I purchased a USB-RS422 FX cable and downloaded the demo of GX Works 2 to better try to pin point the issue. Using the monitor function on GX works 2 I can again confirm that the PLC is receiving the correct signal from X007 when a bottle is present, however the outputs Y001 and Y002 have a constant value of 0... Unfortunately this program is not simple enough for me to really understand, so maybe someone can make more sense of it than me. (see attached). Also, Not sure if its related, but when I ran the check program there is a double coil error revolving around the Beer inlet solenoid. This is to let beer into the filler bowl, not the bottle. oh and the manufacturer won't be able to help for a couple weeks when they can send a technician... Any thoughts, comments, or questions are appreciated. Cheers, Eric screenshot2.bmp screenshot1.bmp
  9. Software: GX Works3 I'm really struggling to understand GX Works online / offline operation. (I know they've been consistent in how this works for the past ten years - but it's consistently bad!) I can't find how to work in offline mode. I powered off the PLC and the software keeps trying to connect. I've cleared the PLC memory and am trying to download the complete program to an FX5U. (I was able to do it earlier. I'm still able to communicate with PLC over Ethernet.) I'm getting:Unable to write target file because it is the following status. (sic) - Unconverted - Converted function block does not exist in FB file. - Converted function block does not exist in FUN file. - Unconverted module label. There are no red items in the navigation tree. There are no errors after a Rebuild All command. What do I need to do to figure out what the problem is? Many thanks.
  10. Hello everybody, As many of you can see, I took a course onto development the user libraries, that able to simplify extremely a PLC programming process, to help programmers to increase a productivity of their labor, to reduce a program code and quantity of used system variables, to improve readability of programs. A part of libraries has been already developed and looks fine. Also I full with new ideas, plans and could design new and new that then to share these libraries with other programmers. The work is bringing me a pleasure, however, at current situation I can not allow for me to share the libraries for free. I can explain why. First of all, it takes my time, which is money, and I should feed my family, also the work eats a health, which is not infinitive. The second, those who can get it for free, will not appreciate the labor and will distribute it to the left and to the right. The third, ME has not an interest to my offer, to the products and doesn't want to help to make it available for all. What I'd like to propose to you: If you have an interest, I can offer to open a subscription to the ready and new libraries, which will be developed further. What I can promise and guarantee: I will collect wishes and requirements of subscribers and all can vote, what should be realized at first. The subscribers will can get a release with up to four small libraries or one big (for example, such like Modbus Master/Slave library) every month, that will fit to the requirements and the collective choice. What's a payment for the subscription? I suppose a fee in 100 USD per annum will not be predatory for a subscriber's pocket. The fee will cover costs in case, if the number of subscribers will exceed 70 people. Thanks to all for the attention and I'd like to offer to discuss the proposal in this topic.
  11. Hi, again. (I'm getting good support!) Every time I write to PLC it is switched out of run mode. I use Remote Operation to try to switch back to run mode but I get blinking P.RUN indication and blinking RUN light on PLC. I have to cycle the power to get back to run mode. Can I switch to run remotely?
  12. ON/OFF Timer for Mitsubishi FX

    FB_TIMER_ON_OFF The FB is a part of RTC library and implements a timer, based on RTC, for ON and OFF a control bit, e.g. to turn ON/OFF a load in the time interval, and can be easily added into your program in desired quantity. The FB is supplied with E (Enable) input, EO (Output to Control Bit), and can operate in one of two modes: HMS = Hours + Minutes + Seconds (daily timer) MDH = Month + Date + Hours (yearly timer) Each setpoint of ON and OFF time settings should be represented as Array of INT [0...2] type and contain a time data according to the chosen mode. Thus, for example: - in HMS mode: a control bit can be turned on at 02:03:14 am and then turned off at 06:04:17 pm, or turned on at 05:12:27 pm and turned off at 07:06:22 am; - in MDH mode: a control bit can be turned on 3th February at 02:00 pm and then turned off 4th June at 05:00 pm, or turned on 12th November at 03:00 pm and turned off 6th March at 10:00 pm. If the values of both time settings are the same, the FB output will not be activated. Supporting PLC CPUs: All FX Program memory: - 34 steps per each FB instance - 4 steps for entire project (reading from RTC) System variables: M - 3 bits (for entire project) The library is compatible with GX IEC Developer and GX Works2 software .
  13. Hi, I have a program for FX2N-48mr written in GX Works (gxw). I'd like to convert the software to CodeSys. If possible, can anyone send me the best procedure for it? Thanks. Oren
  14. I need to set up D/A module. I have few questions. What is the difference between offset and gain setting mode? I would like to use range 0 to 10V which would have to be set as user range setting, can I do it using GX Works 2? Or do I have to use the GX Configurator-DA package?
  15. Missing Line Statements

    Hello, I am new to the Mitsubishi world (mostly AB and Siemens guy). I recently picked up a "hand me down" project. I have GX works2 on Win 7 64 bit system and PLC code was originally developed by someone else in with GX developer. My lab setup consists of a FX3G PLC and GOT1000 HMI. I downloaded the PLC code to the the FX3G device with GX developer and encountered some popups about memory. I played with some of the parameters in PLC memory and was able to download fine. Next I went to GXWorks and uploaded the current project from the PLC and noticed that Line Statements are missing. I have enabled Comments, Statements and Notes under the "View" pane but no line statements showed up. Has anyone encountered this issue before and if so how did you fix it? After further digging in GX Developer, I discovered that all Line Statements created has the "In peripheral" attribute. Does this mean it never gets written to PLC memory during download?