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    Hello i have some problem, i am noobs with the mitshubishi plc, i need convert the output value from a ctud to a DWORD, i use word_to_dword to convert, but when i compile it have a errror. Type mismatch on output variable, i add screenshot.
  2. I'm working on simple structured text program which takes in DWORD values, does some math on them and then outputs in DWORD type. What data type should I be using and how can I make this work?  This is one of the lines from the code(everything DWORD) and I get 'operator not supported by DWORD data type' XPos3 := XPos1 + (2*XIncrement);  
  3. Hi, I am trying to convert a variable of REAL data type to DWORD. I 've tried using Real_To_Dword function which works fine if the real number is integer but when the real is decimal the function rounds the decimal number to INT first (I ve also read it in the instruction manual so no surprise here). I 've also tried experimenting with the function CopyRealToDWORD but again the outcome was not what I expected. Is there another way to convert decimal real numbers to DWORD without losing the decimal portion?
  4. Hello, CJ2M CPU-32 to IAI motion controller through ethernet/ip I'm working on programming electric actuators to pick up parts from a tray. I will have x (row) and y (column) coordinates that I need to update to move the actuators. So to go through the whole tray I would have to use nested loops. (below what i'm trying to achieve if i was doing it in C++)                                           6 Rows and 6 Columns, palettizing                                           data rows&columns DWORD (Row1,row2,row3...row6; col1,col2...col6)                                           c++ code                                           for i=0,i++,i<6;                                               rowData = row                                               for i=0,i++,i<6;                                                   colData = col                                                   execute movement                                                   wait for confirmation                                               end                                           end I have a way of doing it but it will require a lot of repetitive lines and typing every step, and I was wondering if there is a way on every iteration to increment the data location instead of the contents. In the picture below you can see the example where the goal is to copy data from D8100 to D8000, then in next step from D8102 to D8000, then from D8104 to D8000 and so on. So far in the documentation I was only able to find how to increment contents. Is it even possible to do what I want to?
  5. Hi We have some plc programs written by concept 2.1 b2.1 XL ,concept 2.1XL. I need setups of these versions
  6. I am having problem converting a DWORD variable to a floating point decimal.  I've tried using the DWORD_TO_REAL function. Having the hex value "41E9B814" as an input I was expecting to get "29.2148819" as an output. However, I'm getting "1.110194.." as the output. Any ideas?    
  7. I have a program that was developed in modicon Concept, dont know what version it is. I tried to  open  with the version 2.6 XL but when i tried to open  the .prj file, it says the version does not there a way or how to convert this program to version 2.6 Concept? 
  8. Greetings, so i create project for FX3U in GX Works2. In my program i use function in ST. That function return array with word(signed). I have a warning: ST FOR i_var := 0 TO n_i BY 1 DO TempNumbs := Numbs; TempDevSetsOnPerTime := DevSetsOnPerTime; QueueBySetOn[i_var] := 0; END_FOR; QueueBySetOn[1] := TempNumbs[n_i]; QueueBySetOn[3] := 1; FOR i_var := 0 TO n_i BY 1 DO IF (TempDevSetsOnPerTime[TempNumbs[i_var]] < MaxSetsOnPerTime) THEN QueueBySetOn[0] := TempNumbs[i_var]; QueueBySetOn[3] := 0; EXIT; END_IF; END_FOR; So, it realy funny, GXW cant return int? QueueBySetOn.gxw
  9. I've got an old Modicon PLC E984-265 that was programmed with Concept V2.2 SP2 program.  If I have Concept V2.5 or 2.6 can I upload the program to my computer using a new software program? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I need the Service Release 1 (SR1) for Concept 2.6 XL English. Just I need the SR1 So any one have it and upload it. I have SR 7 but I need SR1. Thanks.
  11. Hello everyone, I have Concept version 2.6. However I have a few PLC programs that were developed with Version 2.2. According to Modicon, the Concept programs developed with version 2.2 can not be opened with 2.6 (higher version). Wow!!! However, if you opened them with 2.2 and exported them out to an ASCII file, then you can open them with version 2.6. My question is: does anyone have a 2.2 version? Can I please help me just to export them out? Thanks, Arde
  12. I am struggling with the following problem: We have a Momentum PLC running with a project downloaded from Concept 2.6. When I make a small change into the project and I download the change to PLC there seems to be no problem. But when I try to run a visualisation project in Vijeo Look then after any click in visualisation the yellow triangles with red crosses appear over every object on the screen. We run OFS to enable communication between PLC and Vijeo Look. We use non-allocated variables in the project and probably the Visualisation does not work well with those unallocated variables after project changes. Can someone please describe steps which need to be taken to compile or upload a Concept project so that it works well in Vijeo Look with unallocated variables?
  13. On Momentum PLC we have setup remote network modules as follows: On output modules with ADO 740 50 we have setup Last Value to Set to 0. Does it actually mean that the output value will be set to 0 in PLC memory immediately when PLC loses ethernet connection with the output module? We have setup hold up timeout on 170 ENT 110 01 on the remote side, but I am not sure how exactly the Concept parameters work with output remote modules. In the Concept documentation the process how Health Timeout and Last Value works is poorly documented. So the question is basically: How does Health timeout and Last Value parameters work in Concept Ethernet I/O Scanner with Momentum and remote output module ADO 740 50 with ENT 110 01? When timeout occurs in communication with output module ENT 110 01+ADO 740 50 and Last Value is configured to "Set to 0", does it mean that the output variable assigned to this remote module is set to 0 in PLC memory? If there are Timed out transactions on PLC with Health timeout expired, would that appear in Ethernet statistics on Momentum web page?
  14. Dear all, I try to program function block. I have two WORD 402309 and 402310 in Hex the value is 410 for the first and 2A7A for the second. I need to read the value as a DWORD 4102A7A. Do there is DWord to DINT function block in concept 2.6? Do there is a way to convert the value easily? Regards.
  15. Dear all, I need some help with programming time in concept 2.6 in FBD. I use momentum PLC 171 CCC 980 30-IEC I would like to program 24Hours Clock with day, week and year. Can someone help me with this please. Regards Sam