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  1. I have an existing project that I have used the smart active parts for (and they worked great), I copied this existing project to create a new one but the communications changed from Serial to Ethernet I used the replace host feature to convert the serial comms to Ethernet IP, now I am not able to get the SAPs working, I edited all of the destination network and node addresses but only the CPU Unit Status display cycle time and clock information appear to be working.  Do they not work correctly over Ethernet IP or am I missing something?  I was not able to find very much on setting up Ethernet communications with the smart active parts so I don't want to spend a lot of time on it if it is not possible...   Thank you!!
  2. I have one CJ1M-CPU13-ETN PLC and two NS8-TV01-V2 HMI panels. I want the two HMIs to run the exact same CXDesigner program, and both of them to communicate with the same PLC. Is this possible to do? More specifically: for the same button on both HMIs, could I assign it the same working bit, or would this cause a conflict? Would I need to give the same button a different working bit for each HMI? Thanks!