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  1. I am currently trying to message from  a micro820 to a SLC 5/03 (via 1761-NET-ENI ser. D).  In the 800 messaging manual ( , there is a CIP generic message example that gathers the CatalogID of the device at a particular I address.   My micro is My 1761-NET-ENI is I can get online with both, and I see both processors in Linx.  However, when I execute the example code in the micro, the CatalogID is not the SLC, but the 1761-NET-ENI. All I need to do is write an ASCII string to the SLC 5/03.   NOTE*** Ultimately, I will not need to speak DIRECTLY from the 820 to the SLC--instead the Micro820 will send a CIP message (...a barcode string) to a server that will then send a bunch of data to the SLC 5/03.  So:   BARCODEà[ASCII]àMicro820à[Ethernet]àServer(gets a bunch of data)à[Ethernet]à1761-NET-ENIà[DF1]àSLC5/04(oldPLC)