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  1. Hi, I have a system which was not used for few years and now planning to use it/commission it. It is a Control logix platform, 1756-L61 ControlLogix 5561 rev 13.25. The battery fault is ON . As per AB literature 1756-L61 SERIES "A" should use battery 1756-BA1 and SERIES "B" should use battery 1756-BA2 if not then CPU could be affected. Could anyone pls advise how to find out the series of a CPU, i could find only the above information from controller properties. Thanks
  2. *** SOLVED*** When opening a source or trying to connect to a 1756-L61 I get the following error: failed to open file..... Support for the 1756-L61 controller is not installed. All EDT files for it seem to be installed and I have no idea what else I need. Does anyone here know?
  3. Hi All, I newbie in allen bradley usage. I am trying to configure 1756-SYNCH profile in RSLOGIX V21. According to help of "Associated Axes" tab, Axis 0 can support AXIS_SERVO, AXIS_SERVO_DRIVE, AXIS_CONSUMED, or AXIS_VIRTUAL. To cross verify, I have added AXIS_CONSUMED in my project but AXIS_CONSUMED tag is not showing in axis 0 choice selection. Can you guys please help me why AXIS_CONSUMED is not showing in choice selection of axis 0 and axis 1.
  4. I'm new arround here so first of all greetings to all and apologies for my English. I tell you the case: I have a machine that has an Allen Bradley PLC 1756-L1 (yes, it's already a bit old) communicating with another plc, a B&R 2003, through the serial port. I wanted to download the program from AB. I open RS-Linx, I create a DF-1 driver and then click on autoconfigure. At this point I get an error saying RS-Linx can't find the communication parameters. I tried to connect with two other cpus 1756-L1 that I have (these are new so they don't have program) and the RS-Linx locates them perfectly. I guess the ab cpu has its serial port configured as USER to communicate with the B&R plc (or something similar), so my question is if there is a way to connect to this cpu through the serial port (such as putting the serial port in default mode without deleting the program) or the only option left is to find an ethernet card to connect to the cpu. Thank you very much for any answer because I've searched a lot and I don't find any information about this.