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  1. I am converting a multple rack SLC project to CLX and as a fist step I have to keep the SLC racks while converting to CLX processor. There is an existing CLX rack with 1756-DHRIO card talking to other SLC over DH+ and i thought it would be fairly simple to connect all the 8 SLC racks via the RIO channel. Except the first rack has 2 extensions with zero spare slots, where i was considering 3 x 1747-ASB, now can I use single ASB in slot 0 where SLC resided to connect to all 3? Same with another rack already on RIO, the first rack has ASB installed but the extension has no spare slots. The documentation I have suggests I can only address 8x 16 bit cards on each rack, or have i got that wrong, most of my cards are IB16 or OB16, just the very first rack has analogs. Is the 1756-RIO card any better at addressing 25x 16 way cards as 1 rack
  2. I have a 1747-L30B SLC Brick and it is set to load from EEPROM on boot S:5/8, Error S:1/10, and Run S:1/12. I need to make changes to the program and then store it to EEPROM via "Comms>EEPROM>Store to EEPROM."  When I attempt to store the program with changes, it displays the message "Insufficient Memory Module Size." I assumed the EEPROM memory was maxed out, but I also uploaded the existing program currently stored to EEPROM, made no changes, and attempted storing it back to EEPROM and received the same message. Any advice?
  3. I am starting an upgrade process for all my SLC50* PLCs and working out the communication of my machines for the upgrade. I ran into this complication I don't understand. I have 2 machines that work together using 1 HMI. Both machines have their own PLCs. Both are running SLC5/02 to 1747-AIC link coupler then to the 2711P-RN6 interface with the DH-485 communications running parallel. I don't understand how this works, or how I might possibly upgrade the communications from 2 PLC's into 1 HMI without linking the PLC's programming first. (Also, a complication I am working on, I only have the Runtime file, not the ME file for the HMI program). 
  4. Dear all, I have an Allen Bradley Control panel with SLC L542C 5/04 CPU, it is used to control an RO water desalination unit, unfortunately the CPU has a fetal Fault and need to be replaced, the only available one is 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU, the problem is when downloading the PLC Program to the new CPU, using RSLogix 500, it failed due to smaller memory of A series CPU 24K while the C series CPU was 32K, is there any way to reduce the program size to be used with 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU? what is a proper way to get the new CPU run with the control program? Thank you all in advance.
  5. I have an SLC 5/03 that Im trying to get the program from. I have a 1747-uic. Im not getting anything to show up in rslinx and I suspect the channel 0 is configured for ASCII because theres an HMI plugged into it. Also the rj45 connection is broken because someone used a crossover ethernet is my best bet to try and fix/replace the 1747-uic? I have an offline copy of a program from a different machine that uses a 'similar' setup and the CH.0 -System is configured for DF1 full duplex,19200,CRC and CH.0 - user is ASCII 19200 baud. Any Ideas? I was using the 3 wire db9 connector running from the HMI to the PLC. I unplugged it from the HMI and used it with the 1747, Should I use a standard DB9 cable with a null modem adapter?
  6. I have an 8 point analog input card on a rack with a SLC 5/04 CPU.  It has been in operation for 20 years or so.  There have been some power problems at site lately and ever since they fixed them I have been having issues with 3 of the 4-20mA circuits on this card showing open circuit.  I have had my meter on them when they show open circuit.  The signal reads 3.96mA, just below the 4mA minimum and boom, the machine goes down.  Is there a way to adjust this tolerance??  I don't think there is anything wrong with the 3 transmitters so the error is just a nuisance.
  7. Hi there, I am having issues connecting my computer to our SLC 5/02. We have a genuine Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH485 adaptor, I have read into it a fair bit and have tried many different things. I have removed pin 3 configurations from the ethernet (DH485) as advised previously.. I have tried many drivers to get it to work to no prevail. I cant even change the CPU over to a 5/03 as I cant guarantee the program we have a copy of is the exact one in the CPU, therefore I cant just change to a different unit and establish comms that way. Does anyone have a step by step guide to connecting the 1747-UIC to the PLC? Many youtube clips dont seem to work for me like they do in the videos.   Thanks a lot in advance if you can help!
  8. I have been given a 1747-UIC to use..... someone has managed to snap the DB9 connector off of the soldered connections in the DB9 Plug. I have tried to deconstruct the plug but the cores had been pulled back too far and no longer showed where they connected to the plug. I have 5 wires red, brown, blue, violet, yellow, and a screen ? Does anyone know how I should connect them up to a DB9 plug    
  9. Gents!  I do not have the time to scan thousands of prior transactions related to the scanner module.  My question actually has to do with programming related TO the scanner but NOT ABOUT the scanner. I have a Panelmate Power Series 5000 touchscreen I am translating to another brand of touchscreen.  The touchscreen connects to a remote 5/04 via the scanner's network.  Some of the indicators in the touchscreen use data from the remote PLC.  My question is: what does the following lamp tag mean? S:15 = 2819 * QMS, N7:12/0 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:20/0 I LOOKS like I need to fetch the remote bits N7:12/0 and N7:20/0, then AND them together to yield an ON or OFF state. Here is one related to a numerical display: S:15 - 2819 * QMS, N7:17 + S:15 = 2820 * QMS, N7:25 THIS one looks like I need to add two values together. "QMS" is the name of the remote 5/04 PLC.  I know that S:15 is an address-relates value in the 5/04 CPU What are the answers? (While awaiting your wisdom, I will assume that my guess is correct and move forward.)
  10.   Hi all, Iam currently working with a migration project from Rsview32 to FTView. I was able to convert the RSView32 SCADA to FTView successfully. Current scenario is like RSView32 (which was the existing pcs) SCADA is running in two stand alone PCs and Iam trying to line up the new Factory talk view SCADA in another system.Communication is taken from same ethernet switch to which all ethernet cables from 5PLCs in the field are terminated and from which RSView32 scada has taken itz communication. PLCs used there are 2 No.of  1747 L532E slc 5/03 OS302 Ser c Frn 10 & later and 3 Nos of 1747 L533E slc 5/03 OS302 aer c Frn 10 & later. communication taken via net eni (1761 NetEni) Ftview installed system is Windows 10 pro OS) Issue is while RSView32 scada is working properly, Factory talk view is not getting neither online tags nor able to play display for those linked with L533E processor.But everything is fine with L532E processor. I just tried with downloading L533E program to L532E processor and everything was getting. So am i missing something or what should i do to get proper communication with L533E processor.   plz help..Iam a beginner in this field.
  11. Good afternoon all, So I'm stumped, we have working a SLC 5/03 with 1746-HSTP1 module running a automation direct STP-DRV 80100 driver and 34127D drive. It is in command mode,(bit 15) CW lS used (bit 0) Home limit switch used (bit 4) home prox used (bit 5) pulse and direction (bit 10) Word zero set for -31696 Everything works great except the homing option with prox. It always travels at base speed. What am I missing? Being very new to this im surprised I got this far, lol. I have read the manual several times over but clearly missing something. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi everyone - my first post here.  I have a customer with a SLC5/01.  The controller is 1747-L511.  Battery seems good.  The fault LED is flashing.   I tried to connect to it using RSlogix500 and I got this message (photo1).  I selected 'Load From EEPROM' and got this notice. (photo2) Customer has the printed ladder but I can't tell which data types are what. everything is just numbers - no B's, no I's and no O's.  the timers and counters are just numbers too. Luckily the printed ladder has a cover sheet, which led me to the PLC2.(photo3) The rack has two 8 channel inputs and 2 8 channel outputs.  I would like to replace everything with a micrologix 1400 or something, if I could translate the code. Can anyone advise on this matter please?      
  13. Hi there, I'm wanting to connect a panelview 800 to an SLC5/03 the SLC is connected to an 1747-AIC which is run to another 1747-AIC. I'm trying to figure out what cable I require to connect the peripheral of the second AIC module to the panelview. I can't seem to find any reference online. Any help would be appreciated. Image attached to clarify.    
  14. RS Logix 500

    We have a PLC that controls a diverts for cartons.  The PLC talks to a host to get the divert code and then this is used to trigger diverts through device net.   The issue we are having started back a few months.   We are getting good scans and the information is being sent to the host and back, but cartons are not diverting 100% of the time.   If we remote connect to the PLC and have the program open, the issue goes away.  When we disconnect, it issues occur again.   The PLC has a wired connection through a network switch.   Is this a problem with the PLC or with the network switch or somewhere higher up in the connection?  If it is the switch, why does the issue disappear when we are connected?    We are remote connecting with a laptop and the connection we use is wireless.
  15. I have a version 5.01 SDN card and would like to update it to version 6.02 but cannot find the firmware upgrade files on Rockwell's site.  Does anyone have a copy that they can provide or direct me to where I can find it? Also, is it possible to update the firmware on this card using the pass through devicenet driver as this card is in a chassis with a SLC5/05 CPU which has an ethernet port. Thanks.
  16. Hii guys, I have AB SLC 500 CPU 5/03 and 1747 PIC cable... I wanna make configuration. from where i haev to start.? I have no any idea about it... even i have no drivers for cable...from where I could get all solutions... Guide me ASAP.....thnx
  17. Hello, I'm working with some old Allen-Bradley SLC5/04 systems with 1747-SN modules. The module is located in Slot1. One system is only using the RIO module for a PV1000. How do you know where the "M-Files" for Analog I/O modules and/or Panelviews are located? I see programming using locations such as: M1:1.810 where 60 words are being copied from a Remote I/O PV1000 to some words for the SLC to utilize, but I don't understand why "M1:1.810" was used instead of, for example, "M1:1.800"? I looked and so far cannot find information pertaining to the words other than what is in the User's manual, and it doesn't address this issue. The panelview in my example uses all of Logical Rack 0, Full Rack addressing. Any help would be most appreciated. I have very little experience with the RIO stuff because almost everything I've worked with in the past has been Devicenet.