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  1. Can anyone please share the input and output example wiring diagram for 1738 ArmorPoint IO modules (1738-IB16DM12 & 1738-OB16EM12)?
  2. I am trying to communicate to a AB 1738-AENTR on a OMRON ethernet/ip network. I have configured the AENTR module through the web browser and have been using Omron's Network Configuration tool to set up the network. I can see the AENTR but cant seem to communicate to it. I think this has something to do with the input and output byte size? Does anyone out there have any experience in setting up a 1738-AENTR in a OMRON system? If so, how do I determine what the proper byte size is? Also, is there something else I should be doing to get the module working?
  3. I need to add 1738-AENTR ArmorPoint Ethernet module to Logix5000 system. I have 1756-A13 backplane with 1756-L63 Controller and 1756-ENET/A Communication Interface. I believe I need to use 1738-AENTR add on profile but I can not find it and don't know how to add that to RSLogix5000. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am using RSLogix 5000 Standard Edition, V18.02.00(CPR 9 SR 2).
  4. I have never worked with Point IO and wonder how the addressing for inputs and outputs are assigned? Is there a way to tell the PLC what addresses should be used for IO on the remote? I am planning to use the following: 1734-AENT 1734-OW4 1734-OW4 1734-IE4C
  5. I wonder if there is version of Ethernet Remote IO that can be used with 115VAC supply rather then 24VDC? This would save me a power supply which is really needed for this module only.
  6. Hello, I have a very strange issue with a rack of remote IO on my Ethernet setup. There is one rack which contains 3 1794-OA16 (120 VAC output) modules connected to 1794-AENT module. I have several other IO racks on this network without any issue. The issue is that I'm measuring 100-115 VAC on random outputs (they change after cycling power or replacing parts). I also will see output lights on for a couple of these points which also can be seen in the output word while online with the compactlogix PLC (1 on the output point while monitoring the word). These outputs are untouched in the PLC program, verified through cross checking in RSLogix 5000. Also, unplugging the Ethernet cord and separating the TB3 bases so each output module is isolated I still see voltage on the outputs. I have also replaced the AENT, TB3, and OA16 devices and still have this issue. I isolated the modules from the field wiring and 100% certain there is no wiring issue causing this. I'm wondering if this is a case of a corrupt PLC file screwing up the configuration sent to this specific AENT? Has anyone encountered this problem before? Not all outputs have this voltage so I'm led to believe this is not normal situation of seeing voltage but no current. I appreciate any feedback, thank you. EDIT: Realized title error, please excuse it. EDIT 2: Spoke to AB tech support, they said it is a possible bus issue but I'm not convinced since all the parts have been replaced.