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  1. Hey there, I have a very special question for all experts in the old TSX-PLCs. We got about 20-30 TSX87 (and some 107) running in a big Ethway-Network. Our Maintenance-Service is using an old PC with OS2 and PL7-3 for troubleshooting and programming the PLCs. Is there any way to run a OS2-Virtual Machine on a Win10-Host PC and get the Ethway-Protocol routed inside the Virtual Machine? We managed to get OS2 and PL7-3 running inside the VM, but we fail to get the Ethway-Connection inside of it. We use some PCI Ethway-Cards. I don't know the exact name of the card in the moment, but if it is necessary for an answer i will find it out.   Greetings from Germany
  2. Hello, denizens of Mr.PLC. I'm trying to talk to an old TSX17-20, and have acquired the DOS files for PL7 22. However, when installing via floppy drive, I'm getting a fatal error saying that the User Interface is missing. FATAL ERROR: 251 Your Telemecanique system in incomplete. Ensure that User Interface is correctly installed.   I'm aware that PL722 (and PL7-1/2/3, etc.) require Telemecanique's DOS User Interface to run, but I can't for the life of me find installation files, and, as it is no longer supported by Schneider, no luck getting it from their site. Apparently, it used to be hosted there. Would any of you wonderful folk have the links or files to this user interface? Apparently, PL7 22 5.0/5.1 have never required/no longer require a license. It was a drag to find these files, so I'm posting the PL722 files (in two zips, representing the two floppies) so that there's an easy to find reference for them. PL722D1.ZIP PL722D2.ZIP
  3. Hello all, is anybody out there who may read out a program that is stored on a telemecanique cartridge (more or less of 1993)? Program is still running on a TSX 47 40, but have an identical second cartridge. I would send it to him/her even if international post and do not necessarily require the cartridge back. Would be great to have the program as a text file / pdf / hardcopy. Any help appreciated!! Best regards Stefan
  4. I want to offer my industrial surpluses for your projects! All details are verifiable. Excess surpluses often occur. Sending to any country in the world. The price is low. I can pick something up for you personally. Sending can be made, both expedited, and economy air delivery. Ukrposhta or EMS Ukraine. Siemens Simatic, Wieland,  Wago 750, BECKHOFF, Schneider electric, Schneider Automation, Yaskawa Omron, KEYENCE, Pepperl+Fuchs, Telemecanique, ABB, FESTO,  DUNKERMOTOREN, Eaton, Micro Innovation, Jumo, Phoenix contact, Bruel & Kjaer, Unitronics, Samson, Danfoss, OMRON, Rexroth Indramat, Fanuc.   All parcels are sent by Airmail, are processed with disinfectants and sent with a large number of bubbles before being sent. For safe delivery of the parcel to you! I am worried about your safety, in this difficult time for you!
  5. Dear All, I Have line working with TSX 87 425  I need to know type of software to access to plc program "does it working under (OS/2) and  can I make it on VM  type of connection cable how to get it , thanks in advanced 
  6. Hello, Does anyone know of a compatible printer for the TSX T407? An old PLC conversion is coming up - need to convert a system with 1 x TSX 47-40 as master looking at 4 x TSX 17-24012 slaves. I have the TSX T407 10 Programmer w. language module TSX TS4 50F (french) for the TSX17 PL7.2 - also have the TSX 17ACC7 adapter for TSX17/ TSX T407 communication and the TSX CTC03 cable (9pin -> 15pin) - communication works well.. even if language is French. For the conversion and instead of handwriting rung by rung, I would like to Print the TSX17 program logic. I see there is both a 'Transfer to Printer' option in the Programmer and what seems to be a Parallel Port - however initial attempt to print to an old printer failed. I take certain protocol is needed in the printer. Bonus Question: For the TSX 47-40 I assume I need to acquire the TSX-TS4-21E language module for TSX 47-40? Anything else to talk to this old sweetheart? Same adapter and cable for the TSX17 works? Thanks in advance, JP  
  7. I need to charge a plc program on a TSX67. Can you tell me which cable and program  I need to connect and charge to the TSX67Can you help me please?
  8. pl707 software

    Hi everyone: I wonder if someone at this forum Could help me. I am looking for the PL707 programming software and can't find it anywhere. The download link from scheinder electric doesn't work. If someone can help me it would be highly appreciate it   regards
  9. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Hi all , new on site and looking for some help please. Need simple solution to the following example. Imagine a clock face. At every 45 degrees , I need an input and an output from the same input some milliseconds later. Before I get to 90 degrees , input 1 is now off awaiting input 2 at 90 degrees and so on. For my 360 degrees , this would require 8 inputs and outputs with only one input / output active at any one time with the program repeating the sequence continuously when back to zero degrees. Info please on suitable small inexpensive PLC and any suitable position feedback device , thanks , Al..//