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  1. This is my first time to the forum and I am still very new to plc programming. I just had to move all of our software over to a new computer ( kind of new) it's running windows 7 pro. The same is as the computer before. Same computer name, same I'm, same file directory. However when I add tags in studio 5000 and reference them in the HMI, it says it is unresolved in route to the processor. It only does this for the new tags. I used the same shortcut and everything so I am at a complete loss here. What do I do.
  2. New laptop - HP Omen (gaming machine) - powerhouse - really fast. I always set my laptop up to Syswin short cuts and then program my own shortcuts as well. I normally use for example Ctrl page down for insertion of a rung below - works on my desktop with Windows 7 x 64 bit fine. Does not work on the laptop with Windos 8.1. I have even tried running CX-P in Windows 7 compatibility mode and they still do not work. The standard Syswin shortcuts such as F2 for an N/O contact do work though. Totally puzzled - any ideas?