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  1. Hello friends I have worked with other series of omron plc but this is the first time I am working with cqm1h cpu51 series. In a factory, 4 of these PLCs exchange data with each other with a clk21 card. After a problem with one of the CPUs and replacement, I was never able to download the datalink settings. I did all the steps in the manuals step by step but I did not succeed. In cx-net software, after selecting online, I selected the data link menu, but as you can see in the attached image, the setup button is never activated. Thanks for guiding me
  2. Dear Forum, Recently, i needed to upload the PLC program and the configuration from an OMRON PLC CQM1H-CPU61. I used the program CX Programmer V9.5. My PLC is shown bellow: In the connection instructions i found that i can connect to the RS232 port and communicate with the PLC directly (Method D Shown Bellow). Do i  need specific cables? If yes, please refer them. I tried with the Prolific RS232 to USB Adapter , but with no results. Thank you in advance. Argyrios
  3. Dear PLC forum. I have an issue with a customer who has bought some equipment with CQM1H-CPU61 installed. In order to program certain changes the device requires the password. Both I and the customer have contacted Omron but the only solution from their side was to buy a new system. As I have managed to find via googling the password can be recovered with Plc Backup Tools V6.0 software.  Does anyone have the installer for this software and are they willing to share it with me? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Professionals, I need your kind help. I have an Omron PLC, CQM1H-CPU21 ON FATAL ERROR 0*00E1 (IO Unit Over). The manual says, " rearrange the system to reduce the number of IO words". How do i go about these? I have a similar CPU with same program on a similar machine, I have loaded its program and memory area data to this one on error. Error persists. Thank you.
  5. Hello guys, i would appreciate your help ASAP. I have an Omron PLc CQM1H-CPU51 ON FATAL ERROR 0*00C0 (IO bus error). First, Im using this CPU51 to replace CQM1H-CPU 21 which is on I/O Unit over fatal error 0*00E1. I have changed the cpu type to 51 and transfered the program sucessfully with no errors, I have also transfered the memory area settings to CPU51. what other configuration settings do i need to do? I followed the instructions in the manual and: 1) io unit end cover is well connected, and even replaced with  another, problem persists; 2) PLC has no inner boards; 3) No expansion block 4) Power supply is okay 5)I/O control unit or I/O interface unit not in use 6)Checking through the memory area, for AR 2400 to AR 2415 for the error code, the address here stops at AR 27. How can i view AR 2400 etc?
  6. Error on connecting to plc

    Hello, First thing, I'm new over here, so probably I don't know everything, and second thing, sorry if my English is worse than I think :( Now, what's the problem: I have CQM1H - CPU51 plc, and until yesterday it worked fine. But when I tried to look into its communication protocols via cx-protocol, something went wrong as I suppose. Since that, I'm unable to connect to plc - usually message is "Failed to connect, check following:..." or sometimes "No response from plc" (which probably means that there is connection if pc can send data to plc?). LED "comm" on plc is not blinking when I'm trying to connect, so it looks... not good for me. I tried using rs232 port in cpu unit, on serial communications board, only peripheral left, because I don't have matching cable. Anybody knows how to make communication work again?
  7. Help plz cqm1h cpu 51

    I have upload a program from the cqm1h cpu51 by cx programer But when tried to combile it there is an error @7seg what dose that mean I tried to upload it with syswin . At the begining its ok bu at 22%   error. Program block error step 0001 What can i do for this It is a huge program And i need to add some new steps Pleas help me
  8. Download program to Memory card

    During downloading the program, in order to transfer it should be in a program mode. Now the CPU has no battery so I'm forcing AR14000 to download the program in the EEPROM. but I'm getting a Fatal error Memory Fail. Is my procedure correct or is there another way to download the program into the EEPROM? Hardware details: 1. OMRON CPU: CQM1H-CPU51 2. OMRON MEMORY: CQM1-ME08K
  9. Program lost after power cycle

    Anyone can tell how to retain the edited(downloaded) program into the omron PLC? it's my first interact for this brand but when I try to downoad my program into the cpu it works as long as it is power on, but when we turn off the power for the whole machine and power up, the program that I downloaded previously is removed. Is there a facility like a "Copy RAM to ROM" in siemens here in omron software? how can I download the program without losing it? Thanks!!!

    Hi there, I would like to ask you regarding the conversion PLC. Usually, it is not a surprise for us to get the errors occurring for the PLC conversion especially if both PLCs are not in the same compatible programming software. What I mean, currently, we have a lot of older version of PLC such as C20, C40H, C60H etc and these version needed to be converted to the newer version. However, lately we have problem converting the CQM1H to CJ2M, whereas both PLCs using the same programming software, CX-ONE software (ver 9.6). Most of the errors are displayed like this: ERROR: Step at rung 161 (6, 1) - SBN not defined - 4 There are 4 errors are listed referring to the same type of errors, that is the SBN not defined.  Is there anyone here ever experienced this? And why is it these two PLCs also got problem for converting? Thanks all.
  11. CQM1H-CPU51 Download Program

    hello...... i use of C200HS-CN220-EU Program Download Cable for downloading program to plc. i can work online but when transfer to plc error is check dip switch.... i read manual and dip switch table but cant set dip switch..... please help me to setting dip-switchs for C200HS-CN220-EU Program Download Cable...
  12. I'm having trouble communicating with my PLC. I have an CQM1H-CPU11, I'm using a USB-CN226 cable. I installed the driver that came with the cable. If I try to go online, it pops up "Failed to connect to the PLC." My dip switches are currently in the the positions of 1 off, 2 off, 3 on, 4 off, 5 off, 6 off, 7 on, 8 off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!