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  1. Dear forum members, I am trying to establish communication between Rockwell Studio 5000 and Wago I/O System 765-4502/100-00. I am using the provided EDS file. The Wago I/O System 765-4502/100-000 is recognized but indicates a pulsating communication error in the path. Are there members who have already used this Wago I/O 765-4502/100-000 in an application and may have advice to setup communication and device? Thank you in advance for your time. Best regards, Mr Rabbit  
  2. I am trying to create a tag set between a NX102-9000 and a WAGO 750-352 using Ethernet/IP and for the life of me cannot figure out the I/O mapping between the two. If anyone has done this please help me! Only Info I have is that the DI is 2 Bytes and the DO is 1 Byte
  3. Hi all, I have a Wago PLC and sometimes all IO's start flashing on and off. Then I need to be near the PLC and check the error LED's. They are blinking in a certain way with pauses which gives the error and sub-error code. It seemed there was an error with K-bus. An IO module was missing. I removed some IO's and replaced them again and restarted the PLC a couple times with the end module somewhere in between and suddenly the error was gone. All IO modules were in the same place again and everything worked again. I suppose there is a bad contact somewhere? Maybe I need extra power modules? It happens only once every month or so... 1st question: anyone has an idea of what the reason for this fault could be? 2nd question: is there any place where I can see a log of these errors? I can't find it anywhere in codesys or in the web interface. I'm looking for something like "diagnostic buffer" in Siemens PLC's. Thanks!
  4. Hello I have a wago PLC and i try to communicate to a device through RS485 using the module 750-652. I tried using the WagoAppCom library and came up with this code But i always get errors regarding FB_init block. I though the instance would be automatically matched. I still can't see how to resolve this as Wago library documentation is very poor and contains 0 examples. Has anyone else solved serial comms problems?  
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  6. Getting Started With Wago PLCs

    Hello All, I have some background in Allen Bradly PLCs however am looking at using Wago 750 series PLC for a low cost project.  Doing some quick searches I find that the hardware is plentiful and relatively inexpensive.  I also see that CoDeSys is widely used for programming them and the best I can tell its free?  So, I'm looking a a few hundred dollars for the hardware off eBay and a free download of CoDeSys, is that it, or is there anything else I'm missing to get started? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi All  I'm struggling to a PLC using WAGO's e!cockpit software which I am new to.  In the network tab when I click to select "ETHERNET" from the "Scan Settings" area all that comes up is a drop down with "update selection" which does nothing.  As a result I cannot scan for the PLC's on my network. Has anyone got any ideas on this issue.  I'm running on windows 10, could that be a problem?     
  8. Omron CJ2M - Wago remote I/O

    Hi there, I’m not sure how familiar most of you are with Wago remote I/O, but I hope you may have some solution for the following connection problem I’m having. I’m working on a project to modernise an old folder collecting machine for which I’m using an Omron CJ2M Cpu33 together with 8 Wago 750-352 remote I/O units over ethernet/ip. These Wago units all contain two 8DI digital input cards and two 8DO digital output cards alongside a 750-610 bus power supply card. Adding them to my network in CX network manager is no problem and all seems to work fine. That is, as long as I don’t physically add the bus power supply card, which I need to, well.. power the Wago bus. Soon as I add this card (which was in place while making all the necessary settings to the Wago and Omron units) it just won’t connect. Remove it and it connects like it should. As far as I know the power supply card has no I/O addresses or other communication functions whatsoever, so I can’t get my head around it. Even stranger is that when instead of it I add an analog input card, with bus power connections build in, it connects without a problem. The .eds file only contains info about the main Wago unit, after installing it I should be able to add any kind of I/O card and address them in the Omron software. Also, the supply card is added and visible as a fifth card in the Wago I/O settings and the I/O status led is green during this error. Therefore I would say the problem is at the Omron side. Any sugestions?   Thanks in advance Andy - The Netherlands  
  9. Hi Everyone I am using Wago 750-8203 PLC with an Atlas Copco MKIV local controller in my project. In this project I have used WagoCANLayer2_02.lib because the project requires me to use CAN Open protocol. I attach the function block diagram to read data from the local controller by sending the required CAN data. When I run the program it shows CAN_ BUS_IDLE error. I have given the right CAN_ID and data, I did not understand, Why  I am getting this error. So please can anyone help me. Thank in advance for the help.
  10. Hello all, I'm working on existing project with Citect scada V6.0. My actual HMI communicate with my TSX P57 threw OFS. It works fine. I've a new project about linking Citect with 1 Wago PLC, using modnet. I've created a new project for that, out of my actual project. It's working fine too. I can read all the modbus TCP datas of my wago Unit.  My problem is now integrating my wago project into the actual. I include it into, but it does not work. To resume, If i use the only actual project, I can watch my data on the screen threw OFS; I i use the modnet project alone (after configuring the citect computer setup), i can wath my wago data on the screen. If I use the both project together, (including modnet project in the actual), modnet data are not linked. Any ideas to help me? thks all
  11. Hi. My goal is to communicate from a Wago 750-881 Controller to CJ2M With ETN21 on Modbus UDP. I can only find Modbus TCP function Blocks but would prefer UDP. Does it excist ? Cheers. WagoGrim