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  1. I am trying to establish a Modbus connection from a laptop to a Mitsubishi inverter (FR A-800 E series) (the manual for this connection can be found [here][1]) I am using pymodbus and I can establish a connection, but the problem comes when I try to read a register. I know I am connection because doing something like: from pymodbus.client import ModbusTcpClient client = ModbusTcpClient('', 502) client.connect() results in a True response. Also, if I just print `client` it returns the details of the connection, which makes me confident the connection is properly establish. But, whenever I try to read a register (which I am confident exists, since it appears in the manual) : result=client.read_holding_registers(9,1,1) print(result) I would obtain: Modbus Error: [Input/Output] Modbus Error: [Invalid Message] No response received, expected at least 8 bytes (0 received) and if I try again, Modbus Error: [Input/Output] No Response received from the remote unit/unable to decode response. Does anyone have any idea? I have tried with a bunch of addresses for the registers, I have tried including not including the 1,1) part when reading the register and got no luck.     [1]:
  2. As the industry of plc and scada softwares continue to integrate more and more programming languages into their IDE, what is the most common language that should be learned by controls engineers (excluding Ladder Logic)?  I mainly use Python and VB for scripting but I am curious what languages other SCADA and PLC programming environments use. Should I be sticking to a specific language and learning it well or just know a little bit of them all? Let me know your thoughts!!
  3. Omron PLC Python communication

    Hello All,    I am college graduate student and I know little bit of cx-programmer for modifying existing program. I have master CJ2M CPU34 PLC connected with three CP1L PLC. All 4 PLC are connected via hub through Ethernet cable. I want to read/write some memory data to/from PLC through Python programming. As I am new to PLC and Python I have not much idea regarding omron PLC and python communication. So is it possible to connect python with master/slave PLCs directly? If yes then how can I communicate? I was trying with cpppo library to connect with PLC but I could not connect it.  I have attached the master PLC communication setup for the reference.    Any kind of lead/help is appreciated.    Thank you in advance.    -Yash
  4. Raspberry Python FX3U

    Hi, I need to connect an FX3U Mitsubishi PLC with my raspberry for reading some data and put them into a charts. I was thing on using python but I'm not finding much help on how to do it. The PLC is even connected with an HMI GT1050-QBBD. I really appreaciate every kind of help you can give me. Thanks to all
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Temperature measurement usind Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 sensor,  4-20 mA current loop transmiter, and a python app for visualization
  6. View File Temperature measurement using Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 temperature sensor and 4-20 mA transmitter Temperature measurement usind Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 sensor,  4-20 mA current loop transmiter, and a python app for visualization Submitter Absolutelyautomation Submitted 04/01/16 Category Other PLC Demo Software