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  1. HI everyone ,  i will be very glad if anyone helps me to clear the doubt . I am using MX component version of 4 to connect with my CCLINK J61BT11N   Board. Is there a way to read group of registers from the CC-LINK . for example, if i want to read from D0 to D5  or write D0 to D5.  is there any function  in MX component which helps to read the group of registers? I use MItshubi PLC .
  2. thank you wattup you know i too used the same manual of MX component . I used getDevice and Set Device functions to read the word of registers Wr0 of CCLINK. And offcourse  i can read and write  bit and word.  But I can  do  this all read and write operation by MX component functions only when the CC_LINK data status is "In Data Link"  state. I use Open() function to connect with CCLINK card.   Open() and Close () just do the function of connecting and disconnecting with the CCLINK board. But i need some functions from Mx Component  to Open the datalink of the CCLINK Board. 1. My only question is how to open the data link by MX component functions . In my default example program , they used the line " ret=mdOpen(81,-1,Path) "  to start the data link.[mdopen(channel, mode , path)].  Is there any function in MXcomponent  which allows this function ?  But i gone through the entire manual.  I need some serious help regarding this problem.
  3. hi wattup . thank you very much for your reply. yes exactly i did what you said after trying using simply the c# program. i coded with mx component type control like ActUtlType. And so i connected successfully. 1.My another doubt which arose on my yesterday's work is that" if i used MX component can i read only D register from other side of the connected device. What i did was i used the device code "D0" to read the value  but the value displayed is the value of Rwr0 reception register  of the CC-LINK board. I want to read the value of the SD register. it possible to read the bit register like Rx and Ry through Mxcomponent. help Please!
  4. hello everyone ,        I am entirely new to this field. i am trying to connect the PLC with my CCLINk board J61BT11N  through the c# program.  my CCLINK board is my slave and MItshubi PLC is master .  what i have did is , i used visual studio c# windows form application to do datalink connection.  i have only .lib file for using the cclink libray . as i am using c# to develop the form. i created my own class library for C# and used it . i had no errors. but i get the exception " System Access Violation Exception"( this usually indicates that other memory is corrupted or read and write is protected memory). i don't know how to get rid of this exception. i need help urgently. 1.Is it possible to create a c#  windows form program for CCLINK Q80BD -J61BT11N  board  to connect with PLC as a slave ?