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  1. Okay I finally got this working! I used Joseph's Python Library.  import fins.udp ip = '' #the desired ip address memory_address = fins.FinsPLCMemoryAreas().WORK_WORD #which type of address i want to read/write data_register = b'\x00\x00\x00' #the actual address, so W0 in this case, use b'\x00\x64\x00' for W100 for example fins_instance = fins.udp.UDPFinsConnection() #get connection fins_instance.connect(ip) #connect with the given IP address fins_instance.dest_node_add=1 #the last octat of your PLC IP address, so is my IP, so it's 1 fins_instance.srce_node_add=10 #the last octat of your PC IP address, so is my IP, so it's 10 This is what I actually did and it works really good. Thanks for all your help, very happy with this result! If anyone has questions, let me know and hopefully I can answer them.
  2. It looks like it works except I don't have the correct IP-address. See attached image. The 169..... IP address is the one I used. I also used, but that didn't work. After running the program with 169... IP nothing changes in the PLC registers, so I think I need to look further into that.  @Michael Walsh do you have more knowledge about this subject?   Image link: https://ibb.co/r60YVJs  I wasn't able to insert media through this forum...
  3. Yes, I put the address as IP in the PLC settings, that should be the correct IP, right and I'm using CX-programmer. I sent an email to the author and he already answered. I should have downloaded the files separately instead of using pip install fins. So that's solved now.
  4. This link helped me quite a lot, but I still have some problems 1- It looks like that pip install fins didn't fully install the whole library, because I still got some error during running the program. I think that's solved now luckily. 2- After running the software I receive a 'timed out' message, which is probably caused by an incorrect given IP-Address. I have tried many addresses, but it seems like nothing is the correct IP. Maybe this problem has something to do with 'problem' 1 which I stated above.    
  5. Also thanks for this option. I will try both and hopefully I'll find a working solution! When i have everything working I will post what I did
  6. Using words would be no problem, 0='N' and 1='Y', but using RECV and SEND should work?  If anyone has more information about how to do that, I would love to hear more about it, thanks!
  7. Hello everybody, I have another question! I've made a computer vision program to check if a roller (for conveyers) is defect. The software is written in the Python programming language (with the OpenCV library). What I want to do is: I want to send a boolean (0 or 1) from Python to my Omron CP1L PLC. A few years ago I did this with a Siemens S7 1200 PLC with the socket library. Is that also possible with the Omron PLC in combination with RECV/SEND instructions, if yes how and if no what is a good alternative? Thanks, Olivier   EDIT: I also need to receive a boolean on the Python side
  8. [NB-Designer] Show popup after bit turn ON

    At least, I can try...   EDIT: That worked, thanks!
  9. Hello everybody, I've been searching for a solution for this problem, but haven't found it yet. When the user is done with a task, a certain bit turns ON. Then a poppup should popup. I tried using alarms, but that won't work, because I have to initialize an alarm display on every window I've made.  Can somebody help me?  Thanks,  
  10. Hello everybody, I continued my project this morning and my HMI gives the 'PLC No response 00-02-3" error... I haven't changed anything since last Friday, so in theory it should work. I used this tutorial a few weeks ago and that worked. I also tried so use some old programs which used to work, but they don't work now...  HMI IP: (the addresses from the tutorial) PLC IP: (the addresses from the tutorial)   Does anyone know what could be the problem? I already tried using another switch, but that didn't work either. EDIT: I just saw that I posted this in the wrong subforum, excuse me EDIT2: I found the solution. I cleared the data memory before... So what I did was transfering the settings to the PLC, then completely power off the PLC and then power it on again. That worked for me! Thanks, Olivier
  11. NB-designer doesn't show bit switches

    I searched around on the internet and I noticed that, so I'll change it to a valid address
  12. NB-designer doesn't show bit switches

    I don't have a communication yet, so that could be the issue. Still having issues with the communication. I have used this  https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1539  omron article to set my communication, but i still get the PLC no response error on the HMI. Any tips to solve that specific problem? After solving that problem I can take a look whether the communication resolves the problem with the bit switch. Btw I have put the PLC0 IP address in the PLC, so that's definitely not the problem   EDIT: I changed the default gateway to and the communication worked. I'll take a look if the bit switches will also work    
  13. Hello everyone, I am creating an HMI in NB-designer, but I can't use the bit switches properly. I can use the Local Bit memory, but when I switch to W-bit memory, all the switches will disappear. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks,  
  14. Hello everybody, I reinstalled CX-programmer yesterday and installed it again and it worked without any problem. I wanted to open CX-programmer this morning, but it didn't. However, I can run CX-P as Administrator, but then I don't have access to my files. CX-P gives this screen when trying to open it: Does anyone knows how to solve the problem? I already reinstalled CX-P today and also restarted my PC. Thanks in advance, Olivier  
  15. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    I got the stepper motor working! :) However, I want to turn the motor driver off (HIGH), because my motor won't get any pulses in that way. Is there a possibility that a bit will get 0 or 1 when the PLS2 is done? So I will turn my driver on, then I will send the pulse train, then the PLC makes a workbit 0 or 1 and then it turns the driver off.