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  1. Hello everybody, I continued my project this morning and my HMI gives the 'PLC No response 00-02-3" error... I haven't changed anything since last Friday, so in theory it should work. I used this tutorial a few weeks ago and that worked. I also tried so use some old programs which used to work, but they don't work now...  HMI IP: (the addresses from the tutorial) PLC IP: (the addresses from the tutorial)   Does anyone know what could be the problem? I already tried using another switch, but that didn't work either. EDIT: I just saw that I posted this in the wrong subforum, excuse me EDIT2: I found the solution. I cleared the data memory before... So what I did was transfering the settings to the PLC, then completely power off the PLC and then power it on again. That worked for me! Thanks, Olivier
  2. NB-designer doesn't show bit switches

    I searched around on the internet and I noticed that, so I'll change it to a valid address
  3. NB-designer doesn't show bit switches

    I don't have a communication yet, so that could be the issue. Still having issues with the communication. I have used this  https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1539  omron article to set my communication, but i still get the PLC no response error on the HMI. Any tips to solve that specific problem? After solving that problem I can take a look whether the communication resolves the problem with the bit switch. Btw I have put the PLC0 IP address in the PLC, so that's definitely not the problem   EDIT: I changed the default gateway to and the communication worked. I'll take a look if the bit switches will also work    
  4. Hello everyone, I am creating an HMI in NB-designer, but I can't use the bit switches properly. I can use the Local Bit memory, but when I switch to W-bit memory, all the switches will disappear. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks,  
  5. Hello everybody, I reinstalled CX-programmer yesterday and installed it again and it worked without any problem. I wanted to open CX-programmer this morning, but it didn't. However, I can run CX-P as Administrator, but then I don't have access to my files. CX-P gives this screen when trying to open it: Does anyone knows how to solve the problem? I already reinstalled CX-P today and also restarted my PC. Thanks in advance, Olivier  
  6. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    I got the stepper motor working! :) However, I want to turn the motor driver off (HIGH), because my motor won't get any pulses in that way. Is there a possibility that a bit will get 0 or 1 when the PLS2 is done? So I will turn my driver on, then I will send the pulse train, then the PLC makes a workbit 0 or 1 and then it turns the driver off.
  7. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    Okay, I'm back with another question. I am quite sure that I use the CP1L-EM40DT1-D PLC (PNP --> sourcing transistor output) and I am using a Leadshine DM556 ( http://damencnc.com/userdata/file/1750-1_DM556_datasheet.pdf ) motor driver. When I wire the driver with the 'active high' (page 5, figure 2) connections to the PLC, the PLC always has a ~24V output. Is this because you cannot connect active high to a PNP PLC? Which means that I need to wire the driver to the plc according to figure 3?  
  8. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    @all Thanks for the answers! In that case, I have another question. I will probably use this drive:  https://www.damencnc.com/nl/closed-loop-stepper-drive-es-d808-80v-8-2a-2phase/a922?c=123 I should connect a PTO (or PLS2) to the PUL+ input, right? Should I connect a 'normal' output (0 or 1) to the DIR+ input or? I've never worked with PTO's before, so that's why I'm asking. Thanks!
  9. Using PTO's to control multiple stepper motors?

    No, but I won't use a relays to 'generate' a pulse. As you can see in the image below (I know that it has some mistakes), I connect (in this image) 3 relays in series. If I want to control the first motor I activate the first relays. If I want to control the second motor I deactivate the first relay and I activate the second relay. The relay is only used as a simple switch.  
  10. Hello everyone, I am currently working with a CP1L-EM Omron PLC and I must control 7 stepper motors with encoders with a (not yet determined) stepper driver, but probably a hybrid stepper driver, because they allow encoders... (https://www.damencnc.com/nl/closed-loop-stepper-drive-es-d808-80v-8-2a-2phase/a922?c=123). To control the motor driver I should send a pulse to the PUL+ input or is it also possible to send a very high-frequency signal to the input, so a 200 Hz signal (or more) 5V - 0V - 5V - 0V. If no, the CP1L-EM only has 4 PTO's, but I should control 7 motors, so I need 7 PTO's... I thought that it might be possible to use 1 PTO and send a pulse to a motor driver and then use a relay to send a pulse to another motor driver, is that possible? If no, what is the best way to control the motors? Kind Regards, Olivier