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  1. [Solved] I owe you a deep and sincere apology. Let me try to make the story short: From the beginning, due to security reasons, I wasn't allowed to access the PLCs (which are several thousand miles away) remotely. I was allowed only remote access to the PC in which TwinCAT is running. Any modification I would need to do with any of the PLCs, I had to send it to a person in the field to apply it, then I would investigate the results in TC. Due to the erroneous data received by TC, I suggested modifying one of the PLCs to send known-fixed values, hoping that I can locate these values in the PFB card memory (suspecting wrong or shifted addresses). After getting the OK that the modification was implemented, TC was still showing erroneous values... Here I posted my original msg. With the lack of new ideas, I insisted on accessing the PLCs myself...Finally, I got the OK. Just a few minutes after access, I found that my modification was wrongly applied: instead of copying blocks from one project to another, they edited the existing blocks with code from the original blocks (not the modified ones). So, I was under a "wrong" impression that the values are fixed in the PLC while they are changing in TC. After correcting this mistake, TC shows the known-fixed values as they are but bytes-reversed. Applying "byte-swapping" function (thanks for pointing this out), TC and the linked software show the data correctly.  Please accept my apology and I'm really thankful for your help. Hos
  2. It seems like it has a relation with byte swapping like you wrote. Hold on, I'm waiting for detail from the field for a possible fix.
  3. As the two masters from different makers, with different config software, the comparison is not straight forward.
  4. It's mentioned in the original post: " another master from HMS-Anybus retrieved the data correctly "
  5. The card has this function. The master only receives data from the slaves and doesn't write to them. May be I didn't clearly emphasize enough that the main problem is the wide fluctuation of the received values even though in he PLC, they are either stable (setpoints) or change within a narrow range (readbacks). What makes it looks related to Beckhoff master side is (as I wrote), a different master receives the same data correctly.
  6. Dose anyone have experience with Beckhoff FC3121 profibus master PCIe card connected to Siemens CP342-5 as a profibus slave? The data retrieved from S7 PLC is wrong, and keeps fluctuating rapidly. TwinCAT (TC) config looks OK, and it reports that the slave is OK and has no error. The slave is in Run mode with green LEDs. S7 side is believed to be OK as another master from HMS-Anybus retrieved the data correctly. Tried several versions of TC up to the latest (at the moment) ver. 2.11.2305. Here is a zip file with two graph pics of the two masters showing how the "same" data looks like in each case: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ijlx6AXA3FX8GqgJjwWlFMxPxqT4xN9F/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Hos