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  1. PLC FX2N-32MR and FX-EEPROM-8

    Hi everyone  i have a PLC mitsubishi FX2N-32MR the following one lost his progam due to low battery. after i remove the battery and install a new one, the PLC was blinking the Prog-E. i used melsoft program in order to fix it but it looks that the programation is corrupted.   i have a backup of that PLC in the FX-EEPROM-8 cassette and i will like to know what is the properly procedure in order to pass the program form the FX-EEPROM- 8 to the mitsubishi FX2N-32MR again. i ask beacuse i only have one shot in order to pass the program properly without corrupt the cassette and i do not know the properly step, like put the PLC in Stop or run or put the casette with the pLC turn on or maybe the protect switch of the FX-EEPROM-8 must go on or off. i hope that someone could will help. thanks