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  1. how to store counter value into D register or M memory?

    Do you want to just move the accumulated value?   If so, just use a MOV command. Like [MOV C0 D1000].  
  2. Pneumatic cylinder stroke length

    How many different stop locations are needed.   In other machines I have seen a small turret block with various lengths of set screws that could be turned manually to the desired stop position.   The cylinder would have a tab attached to the rod end that contacted the various length set screws to position cylinder.
  3. HMI Mounting Hardware

    Perfect.  This is the part number I could not find.   Thank you.
  4. HMI Mounting Hardware

    Very close to what I need.   I think the tab hooks are a little too close together.   I will get some on my next order to try. Thanks, Glenn
  5. HMI Mounting Hardware

    Good morning.   I have a GT1655 HMI I want to use but the mounting hardware is missing.   Anyone know a part number or source to buy the metal screw hardware tabs to tighten the GOT into the enclosure?
  6. I think you address for the holding register is not correct.   It might be more like  result=client.read_holding_registers(41009,1,1)
  7. IAI PCON controller to Q Series PLC

    Hello all.   I am having trouble with communication between an IAI PCON controller on CC-LINK IE network and a Mitsubishi Q-series (UDV) processor.   There is a master CC-Link IE card in the PLC rack.   The PCON controller has multiple control strategies.   We are trying to use the full direct value mode.   The CPS file was added to the configuration for the CC-Link IE network configuration. Unfortunately we have only been able to write information, or read information, but not both.   Has anyone commissioned an IAI PCON on CC-Link IE that might be able to give some guidance? Thanks, Glenn
  8. CC-Link Field IE networks

    Hello all.   This may be a very basic question, but I am confused about the varieties of CC-Link IE Field networks.   There are 3 listed, Basic, Field, and TSN.   Basic runs at 10 MBS and the others at 1 GBPS.   My question is if you have a CC-Link Field network, can you put a CC-Link Field Basic device on that network?  The cabling is the same (Cat 5E).  
  9. Denso Robot Function Block for Q series

    Does anyone know if function blocks exist for interfacing with Denso RC7 controller for a Q series PLC?   If so is there a download site available?   Thanks,