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    Dear Sir. Can Anyone Help me,How To read  Holding Register QM30VT2 BANNER With QJ71C24N Mitsubishi ,With Rs 485 Communication.I Want To read Holding Register it,More than 2500 Register. Thank you for attention. Best Regards.
  2. Dear sir,  all the master plc in the world. I'am newbie about modbus TCP/IP qj71mt91 modul mitsubishi. I have problem to configure   qj71mt91 with master and slave .I have 3 qj71mt91 and one of them  for master slave. I connect with switch ( hub) Please suggest me how to set up or configure parameter for master and 2 slave  Slave first = d0 to  d300.( Read by master)                    = m100 to m300 ( write from master ) Slave 2nd = D500 to D1000 ( read by master )                   =  M400 to m500 ( write from master) Master Ip addres. CPU )                        QJ71MT91) Slave 1st = CPU )                  = (QJ71MT91) Slave 2nd = ( Qj71mt91) Thanks for your attention and support. Best regards . Udjojojo
  3. Until now my problem about Qj71mt91 has not been resolved and I have contacted a technician from the Mitsubishi agent but it has not been resolved either 😑😑😑
  4. Master . Cpu  IP = QJ71MT91  IP = SLAVE 1. CPU IP = QJ71MT91 IP = SLAVE 2. CPU ( Q02 H CPU ). QJ71 MT91 = 192.168.3 70 I've tried it, without a CPU connection to Ethernet,But still problem
  5. there are no other devices connected to , only a notebook and 3 modbus installed 
  6. If Master and slave 1 are connected  ,slave 2 cannot pinging,sometimes it can be connected, after 12 times time out
  7. there are no other devices connected to , only a notebook and 3 modbus installed 
  8. there are no other devices connected to the switch, only a notebook and 3 modbus installed 
  9. there are no other devices connected to the switch, only the laptop and 3 modbus are installed, but when the master and the first slave are working, the second slave cannot  pinging , after being removed from the switch and  installed directly into QJ71 without the hub being connected
  10. only slave 1 and slave 2 are configured by distinguishing the ip address.Other parameter not set
  11. Hello mr.@NevergoldMel. Can you show me example? How to configuration master and 2 slave Qj71mt91 ? 🙏🙏🙏
  12. Thank you sir. I have move cable slave 1st and slave 2nd, it's Working and success.but still problem when connect to second slave.there may be an automatic communication parameter error between master and slave, and I haven't found a way to set it
  13. Slave 1st .       Slave 2nd.192 .168.3.50. If slave 2nd ( qj71mt91) test ping direct with straight cable to PC has success,but if through switch cannot responding. Whats wrong ?
  14. I have make automatic communication parameter 2 with different IP and BFM,But  Still problem ,Cannot communication with second slave ,Alarm appears on diagnosis system monitor
  15. is it necessary to make a ladder program manuall to read the first and second slaves or just parameter settings in automatic communication
  16. How to set parameter with automatic communication  second Slave ? 
  17. there are 2 problems, the first is how to read 300 points in the first slave and read 300 in the second slave, but if only to read one slave is successful but only 125 points
  18. No Errors if set 100  acces point.
  19. I only trial with 10 access points successfully ,D0 -D10  and setting auto refresh Device Do with transfer word counta 4096. How to setting when 300 point with three arrangement like your suggest. D000-D101 D100-D201 D200-D301
  20. how arrangement this parameter for automatic communication for second slave?    
  21. Good morning Sir  continuing the discussion yesterday after I tried what you suggested was successful then, what about the second slave for setting the parameters
  22. Thank for your  replay. Acces point can't input 301,and  message  pop up ( "entering value is invalid.please confirm the range if entering .Range  1-125") according to the photo I sent