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  1. Output Question

    Hello everyone, i have a question about a kind of output. I have a PLC Compactlogix L23E QBFC1B and the last module the high speed counter has outputs I want to use one of the outputs as a regular one However, it shows me a lot of kind of outputs, which one should I use as a regular digital output? 
  2. Output Question

    What should i use, Output On Mask, Output Off Mask or Range Enable?
  3. Output Question

    The datasheet shows it has digital outputs And the options the module gives me non of them are regular data.    Thank you
  4. RsLogix 5000 version

    Good morning, i keep receiving this message on a plc i am trying to remote in, it says it is version 15.4, however i have version 20 installed in my pc, what should i do?
  5. Find a Tag in RSLogix 5000

    Hi everyone, I am new on RSLogix 5000, if i have an input on my PLC how do i find it in my program, is not as simple as it is on RSLogix 500, can someone give me an example on how to find an input please.
  6. PanelVIew C600

    Hi everyone, I have an HMI is a PanelView C600 CAT: 2711C-T6C, does anyone know which program should i use in order to program it?  Or if there is another way to do it? 
  7. Ethernet Information

    Hi everyone, i have an Air pressure sensor that sends its information using ethernet and i want to be able read that info using a Micrologix 1100, how can i read that data and also compare it to be able to turn on or turn off an air compressor?   Thank you! 
  8. Ethernet Information

    Hi everyone, if i am already receiving my info but i also want to store it, what would you guys recommend me? 
  9. Find a Tag in RSLogix 5000

    I have 3 photoeyes, these 3 go to I1.0, I1.1 and I1.2
  10. ip Finder

    Thank you guys! 
  11. ip Finder

    Hi everyone, if i have a lot of AB PLC's but i dont know the address to these, is there an ip finder or a way i can find it without knowing it? 
  12. Ethernet Information

    "Extended routing into file (RIX):" What should I put in that square? 
  13. Ethernet Information

    Never mind guys, i was using a 1100 series A instead of a Series B, thank you! 
  14. Ethernet Information

    Hey guys, for a reason i can not find the option CIP Generic  
  15. Ethernet Information

    What should I fill in this screen?  
  16. Ethernet Information

    Oh ok ok, thank you! 
  17. Ethernet Information

    Can you eplaint it to me, how to create the trigger?
  18. Ethernet Information

    Here is the manual also guys:    
  19. Ethernet Information

    The sensor part number is the one i provided
  20. Ethernet Information

    Sorry everyone, I have a Keynce sensor FD-GD50U and a Micrologix 1100, can you guys give me a hand?