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  1. Studio 5000 View Designer Window Display

    I figured it out.  I had to un-install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Shell (Isolated), un-install Studio 5000 View Designer, restart computer, re-install Studio 5000 View Designer (which automatically re-installs Microsoft Visual Studio), and then only open View Designer on my laptop screen, not my larger monitor.  My guess is that Visual Studio, the basis of Studio 5000, has a bug where it couldn't figure out where the middle of my window was on my display.  Thanks a lot Microsoft.... 
  2. Studio 5000 View Designer Window Display

    Thanks for looking Joe.  Yeah, it seems to only apply to my computer.  When another person opens my project, it shows up fine.  The deployed project on PanelView doesn't have this screen issue.  I tried that CTRL+Shift method and nothing changed.  Maybe I'll just try to borrow another computer....
  3. Studio 5000 View Designer Window Display

    The more I look at it, I think it is a Visual Studio problem because that is the basis for Studio 5000 and has similar settings for "Reset Windows Layout". But I still don't know how to fix this problem.  
  4. Studio 5000 View Designer Window Display

    If I use the zoom controls, it still thinks my window is a quarter of the original size.  Right-click and center-click doesn't let me pan.  
  5. I am using Studio 5000 View Designer v4.3 to create an HMI on Panel View.  I'm having a weird issue where every time I open up my project, the windows are displaying only in the lower right hand corner.  This wasn't happening earlier.  Undocking the window, expanding the window, uninstalling and re-installing View Designer have not helped.  Trying to open View Designer as an administrator has not helped either.  I know there are better HMI platforms, but I am basically complete with the construction of this HMI using Studio 5000 View Designer and now it is too late.  I just want to add a few more buttons and I can't do it because I can't see the bottom of any of my windows.  Since Studio 5000 View Designer is based in Visual Studio, maybe someone would know how I can fix this via Windows registry files?