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  1. Hello all,   My coworker is running into an issue where his version of Sysmac Studio has been updated, but this is causing a version mismatch from an existing project.  He has called Omron, and they are saying that there's no way to downgrade the OS.    Project operating system version = 7.4.0 Device Operating System version =  7.3.0   So the OS on the NA5 would need to be upgraded to match the version of Sysmac.  Does anyone have any suggestions to revert the automatic upgrade that has occurred? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks Michael, We have several of these in the plant, and we are trying to avoid having to A: upgrade all of them or B: upgrade everyone's version of Sysmac Studio.  Coworker has tried to uninstall and reinstall Sysmac Studio, but something is setting it up with a newer version.  Is there a way to completely uninstall and reinstall from scratch without automatically updating?   -K
  3. Studio 5000 EDS not registered in offline build

    Thanks, drforsythe....I didn't know this was an issue, but I will give this a shot!
  4. Hi all, I've ran into an unusual situation where I could use some suggestions.  I have an AB PLC working in the field, and an existing fixture that needs to be transferred from an Omron PLC into our AB.  I have an integrator who did some offline development with a welder that uses Anybus communication.  He sent a .ACD file to implement the logic from.  The file has an Ethernet module configured but more importantly, it's showing EDS not registered.  I've asked for the EDS he used, and none of them work when trying to register it via right-click and register.  I can export the module, but it won't import into the current PLC program because there's no EDS (shows EDS error after the import).  If I try to take the program that was sent to me online with the PLC, it will automatically upload and overwrite the build.  I can't even open the properties of the module to see what the integrator did. The end goal is to have the offline developed module implemented into the current program, but it seems like everything I've tried to do has me against a wall.  Is there a way to go online without uploading?  Maybe there's a way to implement this I haven't learned yet?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and if more information is needed, I'll be glad to provide it. More info:    PLC Type: 1756-L82E ControlLogix 5580    Rev: 30.014    Studio 5000 Version 30.01.00 - Standard Thanks, K
  5. Hey all, I am having some issues with a Keyence IV2 camera which has Ethernet/IP functionality.  To summarize briefly, it has been configured and reading the data into my PLC (NJ501) into a structure data type.  The issue I'm having is that I cannot control this on a bit level for triggering the camera, etc.  I was reading that a Union type is the way to go, but unfortunately, I stopped getting data into the PLC when setting it up that way.  According to the configuration guide for Rockwell and setting it up in the Network Configurator, I needed to go with the SINT type.  When registering the device, the 8-bit option was necessary since the Input/Output sizes needed to match.  This was predetermined by the EDS file for the IV2. I am stumped as to how to get the data to read into the Union Type, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -K  
  6. NJ501 with Keyence IV2 Ethernet/IP Union

    @Michael Walsh Fantastic...thank you very much.  This is a side of Omron I have not looked into yet. I recently updated my Sysmac Studio so I'm not sure if yours is different.  I ended up copying and pasting the Data Types into my program from the library reference popup (clicking OK didn't add them automatically).  I definitely need to look into how to create a library file because we have quite a bit of hardware coming in that this will be useful for.   Thanks all for your help, -K
  7. NJ501 with Keyence IV2 Ethernet/IP Union

    Thank you @IO_Rack!  This is very helpful.  Looking at the .csv, specifically the byte/bit offsets for END_BYTE, what determines that value (I'm guessing that's documented somewhere with Keyence)?  My end goal would be to look at a specific tool in the program rather than the overall judgement to give us more capability in recipe-based production.   Thanks, -K
  8. NJ501 with Keyence IV2 Ethernet/IP Union

    Thanks @Michael Walsh.  I'm going to look into this tomorrow, but I'm attaching it here.  Still relatively new to Omron (been working with it since July '19) so I definitely appreciate it. -K AS_106197_IV2_UM_869GB_GB_WW_2010-2.pdf