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  1. Hello,   is it possible to change the address of points dynamically - according to selected screen? Is it possible to create / read an "internal" variables in NB? I have many screens with same data so I am thinking to create just one and change the points adresss with macro or som other function. For example: on the sreen Basement ( screen number 10 in W200) an temperature will be on W100 and on the First floor ( screen number 11 ) an temperature will be on W110.   Thank you. Milan
  2. Muilti state switch

    Hi,   is it possible to make the content of the multi state switch dynamic? I mean that label for the states will be changed according to the PLC values? Model 1, model 2....for example. I have an array of characters in the PLC and the customer wants to edit name of model time to time. Thanks for answer.
  3. NX-EIC202 upload

    Hi Michael, thanks for help. Now I understand. All was working as you wrote. Now I have to rerrange network ..... change address of the coupler, connect it to N1XP2 network, map the points .....and all is done :-). I must read  a lot of  pages of manuals ..... Best regards
  4. NX-EIC202 upload

    Little bit confused, that upload is not working without compare and merge. In Siemens it works in different way. I will check definitely. Thank you.
  5. NX-EIC202 upload

    Sorry, I did not mention. I was connected with USB when using Sysmac.
  6. Hi, does anybody can help me and answer why I cannot upload data from coupler NX-EIC202 + 2xID5442 + 2xOD5256? It is communicating with Fanuc R30iB. I can only read it with Network Configurator software, but able to upload with SysmacStudio. I can switch communication to online mode but when trying to upload data, message is shown: "Failed to transfer the Ubit configuration management information from Communication Coupler. Failed to get the Unit configuration management information. The Unit configuration has not been fixed." With uploading from N1XP2 and touch panel there was no problem. I need to check how the data are transform between the coupler and Fanuc. Need to add some sensors. Is it possible to connect coupler to the N1XP2 with address if the coupler ( read from Net Conf. has shown with address ? Thanks in advance