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  1. Mitsubishi PLC low cost

    Hello colleagues, I leave you a link from Amazon, where I leave you Mitsubishi PLC clones at a low price, ideal for doing small tests at home level FTVOGUE DC24V FX1N-14MR Placa de... https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07NPPX356?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share   best regards
  2. Replacement different brand PLC.

    At the hardware level, they are similar, the difference is in software that will have to be connected to contact to migrate it.
  3. Q selection tool

    colleagues, here I leave you an offline configured for the Q system greetings http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/1160-q-selection-tool/
  4. Q selection tool View File Q_PLC_offline_termékkiválasztó_szoftver_-_MELSEC_Q_Series_Selection_Tool.zip Submitter javiermorales Submitted 04/18/20 Category Demo Software
  5. Q selection tool

    Version 1.0.0


  6. Euromap

    hello I leave you the euro protocol more. with digital inputs and outputs both security and control. best regards EU_67_Ver_1.11_May2015.pdf
  7. QJ71EIP71: Type of Ethernet/IP device

    hello, you have to download the ethernet ip configuration tool software, once you have it installed there you can put the equipment best regards
  8. Safety PLC R08SFCPU

    The only purpose is that the variables you declare can be used in both safety and control program.Greetings
  9. iq-r selection tool

    Hello colleagues, I comment.I have left an iq-r selection tool for the offline version.It comes very useful when you don't have internet.   http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/1157-iq-r-selection-tool/
  10. IQ-R SELECTION TOOL View File IQ-R selection tool offline version Submitter javiermorales Submitted 02/10/20 Category Demo Software

    Version 1.32


    IQ-R selection tool offline version
  12. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    Hi, what model is it, and how are you communicating with it?Greetings.
  13. Safety PLC R08SFCPU

    hello to use the variables you have to do the safety table, I attached an image of the three tables, shared safety, no safety, and only safety so I could see the table that is putting the safey entry, it is a non-safety table
  14. r120 error

    hello thanks for the clarification I will try to look at this part to be able to make it independent.  Greetings and thank you
  15. r120 error

    Hello partners.I wanted to comment that I have this configuration.and he is giving me the following error in r120.although the expansion frame is controlled by r04.I wanted to know how I can fix it because I have to communicate the r04 with the expansion rackand the r120 with the r04.I don't know if it would be independent one rack the r04 and another rack the r120and if that were how I could get to communicate them.thanks
  16. r120 error

    Hello, if the melsecnet model is associated with the r04, but I think that as both the r04 and the r120 have to have the same hardware in their programs, and these in turn are housed in the same rack, I think that is where the  problem, my intention is to see how I can do it to have it and to be able to communicate, since I am currently working without the expansion rack so that it does not incompatibility.  thanks
  17. GX Developer Editing

    hello check if you are in insert or overwriteto change the state press the keyboard insert button
  18. r120 error

    Hi thanks.The main CPU is security.the other cpu is the one that I bridge between r04 is the one that I join with the expansion rack.The question I ask is this?would it be convenient to separate the r04 from the r120 in different racks?and then could communicate as you say, I imagine it would be cable between racks.
  19. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    hello, the scada with which protocol worksbecause if it is connected to mitsubishi and goes by ethernetpcs7 has an ethernet option