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  1. CQM1H-PA203

    From what I have seen with the power supplies, when they reach critical mass things tend to melt. Definately get a larger supply in there. I always shoot to have about 35 to 40% extra just in case. Also, if they have been sitting, you probably had some "SALT CORROSION" as I know it, going on. That is where you get condensation and it dries, condensation and it dries repeat this daily. After a period of time, the condensation attracts dust and dirt. When the moisture evaporates, the dirt and dust stays behind and build carbon paths. When combined with electrical energy, they tend to cause rather spectacular pyro-technical displays. When inside a power supply case you only get to see the aftermath where the smoke was let out.
  2. OMron C200H - CS1 Conversion with NC112 cards

    I did a couple of C200 to CS1 conversions and was told by OMRON tech support that the C200 analogs were not compatable. During my conversion, I did some indepth research, aka read the manuals on analogs and really did not find something specific that said they were not compatable. I asked why and was told the older ones look for different DM addresses by default and the DM addresses for analogs in the CS are different. During a training session to become certified to do the upgrading of OLD Omron PLC's to current ones, we were told the analog modules would need replacing. IF you were able to use a C200 analog with a CS1, let me know how you set it up. I know a bunch of service techs that would like to know how to save customers some $$$$.
  3. OMron C200H - CS1 Conversion with NC112 cards

    If you are using any analog cards, the C200's are not compatable with the CS1. You need to replace them. ALso, make doubly sure you moved all DM values to the new locations.
  4. NT2S help !

    You use a C200H-CN229EU programming cable from you laptop to the NT2 to program it. Your CPM1 probably has the old style peripherial port plug. The cable you need is an adaptor and if I was in Red Stick I could give you the number, but 114 is in it. Then you use a straight thru from it to the NT2. If it is the newer style perpheril port, there is a specific cable from the cpu to the hmi. The software is free to download too.
  5. C200 CLK201

    Thanks, that is what I thought.
  6. WARNING - MS at it again

    My new desktop at home has VISTA. I rapidly determined VISTA is equivalent to the opening of a large powerful air moving device. I had 9 programs that wanted priority start up RIGHT NOW. It took me 2 hours to get word to work. Seems I had to have a MSN or hotmail email account to get the necessary codes. then excell set up a bit easier. What I really enjoyed was the pre-installed NORTON crashed the system when I attempted to set it up. Fortunately I had just set a restore point so all of my previous work was not lost. I highly recommend if you have VISTA, before you install any software, set a restore point first. I had about 14 hours sorting out VISTA out. I will say most of the menus and windows are more use friendly, my wife can use it easier than XP and likes the new system. She cannot understand what I did not like about it. VISTA can and will cause internet connection and router set up issues. I attempted to install a router with wireless so I can use my new NON VISTA laptop anywhere at home. After 2 hours on the phone with linksys, we determined the cable modem was not connecting. There are DNS issues and gateway issues. I will try to remember to post what was necessary to solve these items.
  7. Flash switchboard

    That looks more like the scrap wire bin at a shop where I used to work.
  8. C200 CLK201

    Can this communications module be removed from the back plane hot? I have a customer with too many C200H's and 2 have the interface module. The PLC's we need to connect do not have one but do have 2 empty slots. The one's with the CLK201's run constantly and cannot be shut down easily. I have the correct CLK to PC cable.
  9. How can convert ladder from C500 to CJ1G

    Maybe the C500 is in LSS and you cannot open it with CXP but can open it with syswin and save it as a syswin file. Then you open the syswin version with CXP to convert it to the CJ1. If you have the original C500 file, not one you tried to convert, but do not have syswin, let me know. I have syswin and CXP and can try to convert it for you.
  10. T-shirts

    Sign me up for two of them. One of each color.
  11. omron communication

    Well it ONLY took 2-1/2 hours to activate Office 2007. Yeah I am SSSSOOOOO much more productive. I had the opportunity to send comments to microsoft during the events last night. Both times I said I do not believe VISTA is user friendly. XP was easy. I can see where some potential with vista but I hope the new super laptop I am getting next week AINT vista.
  12. omron communication

    I got a new home computer this weekend. Needless to say it is VISTA. I will say VISTA seems to be right powerful but it was a major PITA to get some things working. I spent about 6 hours and I probably have 3 to 10 more to get everything up and running. Then I get to import the files from my external hard drive so wifey can have her "things" available. If this was any indication of getting some of the industrial software I use daily working, GOD help us all. Time to invest in a few cases of bug spray.
  13. Happy birthday gtsuport!

    Happy belated B'Day!!!!
  14. CQM1-CIF02 Cable

    I have used 2 ten foot sections or 20' of straight thru cable with a CQM1-CIF02 Programming cable.
  15. Inverter 0,4kV 630kW - Sugestion

    Omron drives, AKA Yaskawa have the HHP series. They are available in 400 volt and 575 volt. These drives are called also called modular as they are selectible in 4 sizes by paralleling rectifier and inverter sections to get the power level you need. The 400 volt class has KW sizes 200, 400, 600 and 800. Since you specified 630KW you would need the 800 KW unit. The only part number I can find right now is CIMR-G5A 4800. You would need the 2 rectifier and 4 inverter section drive. The mother board does not care how many chassis are there as you set the HP with the keypad. The programming works much the same as any other G5 drive.