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  1. TXD data Received by PC show empty/FF FE

    sorry for late reply, I m using Omron CP2E, using rs232 serial port, from the latest info i get, is it posible if i use lan for data communication instead of rs232?
  2. TXD data Received by PC show empty/FF FE

    I can get signal that plc sending data to pc but I can't receive any information, my db9 is connected follow Omron manual. May I know how to change the transmit bytes from 256 bytes to lower bytes? Cause I m actually need it to constantly send 'P' every second only no other data
  3. Hi guys, This is my 1st time using TXD function to send a letter 'P' to PC by RS232, I have my pC can detect that a data being sent but it seems like didn't received the content, from the software i use to communicate with serial port, it just showing empty/FF FE(Hex) with whatever data i tried to send, I have tried changing the data type but it's still the same, pls help, Thanks.
  4. RXD Function not functioning

    Noted Michael, thanks   
  5. RXD Function not functioning

    I try to use a pc software to connect to PLC to check with the function an notice, the value below A393 change every time i send a data, but the memory didn't get anything, is this normal?  
  6. RXD Function not functioning

    noted, thanks michael 
  7. RXD Function not functioning

    No, the light on the serial port remains on after connect to the scale, it nvr blink. I m not sure if the sale is not using CR+LF as a terminator but i think it could be, I m currently asking the supplier bout the scale, if the scale is not using CR+LF as a terminator, does it means that it can't connect to PLC already or we can make it connect to PLC using different setting? Thanks   
  8. RXD Function not functioning

    Hi Michael, 1st of all thanks for your advise, I have tried after changing the setting as you told, it can read but not the value showing on the scale, and only read for once is there anyway to make RXD trigger by button? and I notice that the A392.06 is not being trigger, is that normal?  
  9. RXD Function not functioning

    Thanks  Michael, the serial cable is wired according to omron rs-232c wiring diagram. I tried with  A392.06 instead of 2.00 before but the A392.06 not being trigger, I'm not sure why but i will try with what u said and update about the status here, again thanks a lot .
  10. RXD Function not functioning

    Hi, I am very new to PLC, this is my 1st time using RXD function, I am connecting my PLC (cp2e-N) to a weighing scale using RS-232c and I have try using both RXD function but i can't received any of the reading, I try @RxD after that but after receive few reading, it start to stop receive anything, wonder any problem with my program or setting. Attached is my program please help, Thanks