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  1. We have a fanuc robot with RJ3ib controller . can we write the program offline (without robotguide), (for ex: using a text editor, )and upload it onto the robot.  Program writing on teach pendent is taking lot of time..
  2. RJ3ib controller and HMI

    We have robot - Fanuc make RJ3IB controller in our r and d cell.and we would like to have an external HMI connected to it.   Through HMI we want to select programs, display the status of input output and display messages, pass on some values.   Is there a HMI which can do the job ?   i would prefer to have the functionality by using minimum components. Preferably with Just a HMI.   Please suggest.   P.S: Is using a PLC with HMI mandatory for this ? one way that was suggested to me is to use a Fanuc profibus module, compatible PLC and HMI.   I was also told GE Fanuc PLC and HMI, can directly communicate to RJ3iB and there is no need for any addition of a bus module in Fanuc controller.