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  1. I am reading the diagnostic code from the input card under "HART DEVICE INFO" and the associated channel.. It is different then a module fault which would be found on the general tab; I agree those would read something like "16#0009."... The code I am inquiring about should be specific to the HART device connected to the channel
  2. I currently have a Rosemount 87 series flow meter connected to a 1756-IF8H analog input module.. We are not receiving flow from the device, and the channel is showing a diagnostic code of 009... I can not find a diagnostic code list anywhere explaining what this means, has anyone had any experience with the diagnostic codes for HART Devices?
  3. Hello All, I need some clarification.. Are Intrinsically Safe Circuit Barriers required when the equipment is enclosed in a NEMA 7 Explosion Proof Enclosure and the proper conduit fitting, tubes, seals, drains, breathers, etc are implemented?    Guy 937-at001_-en-p.pdf
  4. Does anyone know how to reset the "Maximum Total Observed" CIP Connection statistics on a EN2T or a L83 Processor?
  5. We recently added a new analog card to a remote rack that is communicates to a processor rack that has a redundant partner... We made the change when the processor was online, do we need to do anything on the redundant side? 
  6. Network Dropouts at Night!

    Who did you ask for at the power company, what questions did you ask to get them to investigate this for you?  What are some additional signs this is indeed what is happening?
  7. I thought only PLC5's had EEPROM, but I was told MicroLogix PLC's also have an EEPROM that need to be burned to... What are all the PLC's that have EEPROM and require an EEPROM burn to prevent the program from being wiped in a power cycle?
  8. Utility Power at Night

    Has anyone had any issues with dirty power or disturbances from Utility that occur duration the night?
  9. Network Dropouts at Night!

    We have been having a re-occurring issue where some of our PLC's throughout our plant have a network outage that occurs around the same time every night. The PLC's are disbursed among the plant and it has been confirmed no large pieces of equipment are being turned on around this time every night... The network traffic does not fluctuate around this time and is not near a "troubling" level. There was a reboot to one of our servers on the same VLAN as the PLC's that are having the connectivity issues... What could have changed from a server reboot to remedy this issue, the server is not communicating to the PLC's, they are just on the same VLAN. 
  10. "RIO" - EtherNet/IP, through a 1756-EN2T module. Yes, I think a broadcast storm occured causing a network issue on this network. Yes, the disqualification and the failure to function as expected occur at the same time. I don' believe the circuit have suppression or protection on them. Disconnect was pulled to stop the device.
  11. I am investigating a failure that occurred...  We have a L62 Processor with RIO and Redundancy, it was reported that a system "failed to stop" this system is started and stopped via outputs channels on an OW16I card on one of the RIO racks. Has anyone had experience an issue with IO not responding as it should if the redundant partner is disqualified? Also, there was a know network issue and the main Ethernet card (Slot 1) did have a communication issue (not the same Ethernet card for the RIO (Slot 3).
  12. Best Practice Rack 0

    This is not a Burner Management System (I just happened to see BMS' set up like this); however, my application does have redundant controllers, I've consulted Rockwell and have found "In a redundancy system, you can use only I/O modules in a remote chassis. You cannot use I/O modules in the redundant chassis pair. This table describes differences in network use for I/O in redundancy systems." Thank you everyone.
  13. Is there any reason not to have input and output modules on the same rack as the processor and Ethernet cards? We have RIO’s and sometimes have networking outages, I want to move critical IO to Rack0 the same rack as the processor, is this bad practice?  I've seen architecture for BMS that only have Ethernet cards and processors in Rack 0...