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  1. Hello! Anyone have tips for getting a precise count in seconds for the «on time» of a input? water pump deliveres 20 l/min and input is feedback that its running. ive been trying with %s4-6 and input in serial but not getting it precise Somachine basic
  2. That worked very well 🙂
  3. Anyone have other tips on how to extract data from this plc type? I want to display some analog data to a website or souch.
  4. Hello! Im trying to learn how to read files from SD card im M221 controller. Currently i have set it up to log two analog inputs on a timer.' I can not fint any way to export, acess or transfer.  Anyone tried this?
  5. Hi! One of our systems can have 12 modbus slaves, schneider VFD. Is ir common to disable slaves that are not used? How does the modbus work when a slave is offline? Does offline slaves slow down the traffic?
  6. Hey! Im using M221 and a HMISTU855 HMI to control and start several pumps using timers. In soMachine basic there is no tag or word for timers like for example siemens #s5t. I want to show a countdown or remaining minutes and seconds untill the pump stops. Now im showing only minutes remaining by timerword := %tmi.p - tmi.v. I would like to show minutes and seconds.
  7. Wasan: Your example is very good, but could to explain to me why you convert to double word and floating? To help me understand better. Thanks in advance