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  1. Can Anyone Identify This Language

    Just a quick follow-up so anyone that finds this thread can benefit from what I was able to do to convert the comments from chinese to english. Even though I loaded the chinese language pack on my PC, it still didn't display properly in the programing SW. However, if I copied and pasted into Google translator I was able to convert almost all of the comments into english. I then copy and pasted them back into the program.
  2. Can Anyone Identify This Language

    I have a PLC program from China and I can't make heads or tails out of the comment tags. Can someone look at the attached pic and help me identify what the language is?
  3. Write Protection

    Update: I cycled the position 1 DIPSWITCH and then turned position #2 on for an automatic download. Once I powered the PLC, it downloaded the program from the Memory Cassette and it appears to be ready to install. Great user forum by the way!
  4. Write Protection

    DIPSWITCH 1 is in the off position.
  5. Write Protection

    I have a new CP1H PLC that I need to download a program to it. I can connect to it and put it in Program Mode. However, when I try and execute the command to transfer from the memory cassette it comes back with the following: "Write Protection is set" "Password for UM read protection is set" This is a new PLC and I haven't set any write protections on it. How can I get around this to allow the program to download to it? Thanks, danvhp
  6. CP1H Upload

    i am a newbie on Omron PLC's. I have a CP1H with a bad I/O port and I want to backup the program and then download into a new CP1H via the memory card. Where can I find the documentation that illustrates how to do this procedure? Thanks in advance, danvp.