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  1. GX Works 3 Ladder Diagram Columns

    Thanks for the tip... That was useful. Can the width of column also be reduced?
  2. Hi there, I have started developing an application for FX5U PLC using GX Works 1.055H. I am very new to PLC programming. This is screenshot of my first program. What I need is that the columns 5,6,7 and 8 be removed from the screen. They have no logic in my code and they force the actual columns that I need (11 and 12) out of view. Is there some possibility to hide/delete columns 5,6,7 and 8? Even resizing them (smaller) is not working. I've tried deleting column but it also doesn't work.
  3. PLC Networking

    Thanks for the suggestion... It was also very useful... In the end we might use some SCADA software like Indusoft. So far we are open in selecting either our own developed C# application (Using the mx components) that you suggested or using something like Indusoft webstudio. 
  4. PLC Networking

    Thanks for the link to selection tool.... It was really helpful....
  5. PLC Networking

    I have looked up at the datasheet of FX5U64MT but I cant find following information.  Can I hook up 8 FX5-8AD and 1  FX3U-4AD modules to a single FX5U PLC? If not then it will just give me advantage of not buying a separate FX3U-ENET card. I will still need to use two FX5U PLCs. There is no Analog module (ADC) with more than 8 channels for FX5U.
  6. PLC Networking

    Hi there, I am a novice at PLC development so kindly bear my stupid questions. I need to read data from 60 sensors (4-20mA) and control 3 devices (again 4-20mA). Also I will require 12 Output and read 24 relay Inputs . For this purpose I have selected following FX3U64MT PLC 8 x  FX2N-8AD (8 channel ADC module). 1 x FX3U-4DA  (4 channel DAC module). 1 x FX3U-ENET ( Ethernet Module). But the problem with above is that I will exhaust the maximum number of modules that can be connected to a PLC (which is 8). So I decided to use two PLCs with 5/6 modules connected to each PLC  . The network should be as described in the diagram. Now my questions are 1) Is such a system feasible? i.e are such systems (Networked PLCs) used in industry? 2) I will read Sensor data from both PLC1 and PLC2 from PC using our own developed application (in C#) using TCP/IP. Also I will need to write some data back to PLC for control etc. Is it possible? Will we need to use fixed buffer communication? 3) Can I program my PLC to be in listening mode (Waiting for TCP connections on a port)? When connection is established be notified? 4) Can I program my PLC to be able to connect to a host via TCP using a fixed Port and IP address? 5) For using Number 4 and 5 which communication protocol can I use? i.e fixed buffer of MC protocol? Thanks to anyone who gives time to read my questions and special thanks to anyone who replies to them.