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  1. Thanks for your reply Mickey. It looks like it may be an MSG instruction causing the error. I’ll remove it from the program and try it again.    Thanks for your help. 
  2. Hi, I'm trying to run a program in rs logix emulate 500 and it is going into fault with the fault description being "internal file error". It then proceeds to say file 103, rung 0, instruction 2 is where it seems to be stuck. I know the program is good because it is currently running live on a site with no issues. I read it may be that the rslogix emulate that i am using may be too old for the program it's trying to emulate. Has anyone come up with an issue like this before? I have screenshots but it says i can only upload a few mb of data so can't attach them to this topic. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. MSG Read or Write?

    Oh… one more thing. When setting up a new MSG block would setup a new integer file and dedicate it to the control block? For example if all my program integers are in N7, then setup a new N8 for the control block?
  4. MSG Read or Write?

    Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated. Read it is!
  5. Hi, i need to MSG some integers to another SLC 5/05 via Ch1 TCP/IP.    The CPU that i am sending to already has other SLC’s messaging it. Maybe 2/3 others.    Let’s say the PLC with the integer i need to send is PLC “A” and the destination PLC is PLC “B”.    1) Do i setup Read MSG from PLC B and extract data from PLC A. This way i can time the MSG function to make sure it doesn’t coincide with other MSG blocks.  2) Do i setup write MSG from PLC A and write my integer to PLC B.  3) Do i write to PLC C (one that is already messaging PLC B) and jump onto an existing MSG block between the two meaning i don’t have to add to the traffic queue going to PLC B? Any advice greatly appreciated. 
  6. Archestra IDE mimic page Editing

    Hi, I appreciate this is forum is more PLC based but if anyone could assist me with a SCADA issue. Namely Archestra IDE it would be appreciated.    Problem: I need to delete two pumps off of a mimic that is being governed by Archestra IDE. The galaxy is being hosted from a server PC.    My question is… If i make a Edit to the runtime program do i need to reboot the program on the server PC or does it automatically update? Same question with the slave HMI’s. Do i need to go around rebooting them after the change or do they update like an online edit? Also do i need to make any changes to the application server or historian that is running on the PC? Thanks in advance. 
  7. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    Thanks for your help with this! I’m getting there. Couple more questions, how do you find out what the profibus master module node address is without the configurator file to hand?    Also i think my plc requires the profibus to be in mode E extended mode. How do i select this on/off.    thanks
  8. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    Ok thanks, i am useing gx-configurator dp 7.13 and have built a network on the program. I am just hesitant to download the new file to the PLC. Is there anyway of verifying what is currently in the profibus card to what i have just built? Also under "master settings" it asks for starting IO number, i'm guessing this is referring to which slot the profibus card is located in the rack?   Any help appreciated.
  9. Hi all, i need to create a new dp2 file for a profibus network on a Mitsubishi Q series PLC. I have the PLC program (gx iec developer) and i have all the individual Details of each node.    I have created a new configurator file and built all the nodes with their corresponding GSD files but i’m not sure how to use the IO mapper to map send/receive bits correctly.    Can anyone help?