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  1. STP-DRV-6575, RSlogix500, Stepper Module 1746-hstp1   So, here is my dilemma. I was just recently thrown this project at work that I was supposed to be learning on. Well, the guy who was supposed to teach me up and quit. This project has been handed down the chain. I’m sure some of you know how this goes. I have a knack for logic controls, however, I still have much to learn. My hopes here is that someone can explain this to me like I am a five year old, because I have seen several videos on this stuff, and none of it looks like it applies, so here goes.:   I will be needing to control 4 stepper motors that when a button is pressed on the HMI. These motors will move to the location programmed. However. I don’t know how to do that… at all. I have never worked with stepper motors.   So far what I have done is that if a button is pressed on the HMI, the programs checks if the motors need to be homed and if so, it initiates a sequence which will home them…   If I only knew what command would do this. The ones I looked up “kindof” make sense. But not fluid enough that I would be comfortable taking down production to add this feature in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. RSlogix500, Stepper Motor

    I apologise for the delay. I forgot which sites I had posted this on. The other person left because there was a better job out there in a different state.    Stepper motor is: STP-MTRH-34127 Stepper drive is: STP-DRV-6575 RSlogix500 on a SLC500 not sure which model. Stepper Module: 1746-hstp1 I finally got the line open to try everything that I had programmed and here is where I ended up:   (One of the questions I have. Will turning on bit 10 on output word 0 during config output the correct voltage I need from the dir +/- when I am trying to home it? Right now I have that turned off when I go to config.) Currently what happens is:First scan turns on my config bit which sets up the specs I want. IE COP N70 >O:6.0 (Which is like... Home limit, ect)the fault disappears and it goes into run mode.I then copy an integer like N:80 that is all 0's into O:6.0Then I should home it, right?Well. I give the command for CCW Home find... However. The Run on the module stays green and the CW movement turns on.The motor moves really fast for just a second and then stops. I have already verified that everything is wired correctly. That crosses that off of the list.