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  1. Clx to micro820 heartbeat

    Thank you guys! I have searched and searched I don’t know how I haven’t seen the above thread. This should be simple enough . By the way Michael I have setup 13 remote sites and all working fantastic thanks to your help previously . I just wanna add some protection Incase something goes down at a pump station . 
  2. Clx to micro820 heartbeat

    I have remote sites with micro 820s and a controllogix at plant.. I need to set up a simple heartbeat or something to make sure communication is Okay. Currently I have been using the msg .DN and .ER to flag if something is wrong but they want a heart beat to write  a number , read a number and then compare if it’s not changing . I set up a timer and a counter for the heartbeat on the clx . Writing and reading from the 820.  but I’m having brain freeze on the logic to be able to compare to see if the number read is the same for more than let’s say 10 minutes . (Messages are being sent every 1 minute) 
  3. Have a controllogix plc / factory talk view se . For state regulations I need to log a tag every 15 minutes. It would be nice to have it in excell.. but if I can just get the values (12 Values actually) logged every 15 minutes and saved for that current day I will be happy . Easiest way to do this before I start wasting my time ?
  4. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Sorry sir I have been busy ! The only thing I have done successfully is the message between the controllogix and micro 820. But I assume it should be the same . Path is crucial . What kind of error does it give you? I’m no pro but Michael put me through the ringer and helped me accomplish so much! Great to have people willing to help. 
  5. controllogix cellular remote sites

    okay thank you ! I have to get the developer version of ccw to be able to use udt's. as soon as i get that downloaded i can play with it !   
  6. controllogix cellular remote sites

    I’m confused now. So I’m not going to use the Cip data table read/write message to get the data back and forth ? 
  7. controllogix cellular remote sites

    So it doesn’t matter to read or write all the “tags” ?Example I have a udt setup called Sophia_booster with pump auto -bool pump hand -bool Discharge psi -real  flow gpm -real    I only want to write the pump auto and pump hand bool’s from the controllogix because the other values Im reading from the other processor’s analog inputs  so what happens if I send the message ? 
  8. controllogix cellular remote sites

    So do I need to create two different udt’s one for things I want to control from the controllogix like ,hand Bit , auto bit, and time comparisons. And then read only udt like run status , overload status , analog values from the remote site ? 
  9. controllogix cellular remote sites

    To Go Further into detail analog inputs will be pump1 psi -pump2 psi- suction psi - flow gpm  how do you put those into an array?  same with the  relay input/outputs ? Those would be consider bools right ? 
  10. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so here’s the latest I figuered I would keep this in this thread Incase anyone else in a similar situation.  Another remote site a booster station  will have 4 analog values to read  couple relay inputs and relay outputs for pump control.  again a micro 820  is there a way to get the data packed into one message ? What’s the best way. I know this is basic but you have been a ton of help to me!! . We will just control off of time example- pump run 6am to 6pm . Very basic setup 
  11. Hmi screen for controllogix

    We have a enclosure we want to add a hmi screen to just to see some important things in that area of the water treatment plant ( specifically the filter gallery) . What options are out there that integrates easily with studio 5000/controllogix platform and are robust. Something around a 10” screen . Thanks 
  12. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so I switched the IP address in my path and it works!!! I was putting the up address of the micro820 .. I switched it to the IP address of the cell modem for the micro 820 and boom working !!! 
  13. controllogix cellular remote sites

    If it helps when the message is running the error text is “ connection failure “  error code “16#0001” 
  14. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so I connected my 820 in the ethernet card the cell modem normally connects to.. and had to change the tag in the 820 to a “globally defined “ tag . And it works, I adjust my generator and the value goes up and down as it should in the controllogix .. when I try to go through the cell modems ... nothing . Still feels nice to get that far though. Any suggestions? Thanks for the patience! 
  15. controllogix cellular remote sites

    thank you very much sir . I shall report back after tomorrow .I felt accomplished just getting ccw downloaded and connected . it’s way different than studio 5000 I hate it . But I’m going to do all the scaling in the controllogix and just get the raw value from the 820 . So I have like one rung of logic on the 820 and that’s just a “any to real”  to name it “upper_glade_raw” . Sound right ? Seemed to simple lol I hooked up a 0-10v generator and it my values changed (0-4095) but it just seemed like that was way to easy.