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  1. Kinetix 350

    Hey guys new here and new with Kinetix Servo programming but overall very familiar with programming in general. I have a kinetix 350 with a rotary motor driving a belt.  I need it to index from point A to B to C etc quickly while synchronized with the machines front end.  I am needing to pocket doughballs into pans so the pan needs to index accordingly.     I understand and have accomplished indexing using MAM instruction but I would prefer to have the belt run at a constant velocity(based on feedback from machine front end ie. an encoder pulse) but I would like it to slow down or speed up for larger indexes.  The reason I would like to do it that way is because using just MAM the inertia of starting and stopping the pan quickly for each index may cause the doughballs to roll out of said pockets. Question simply is how can I have it run at a constant velocity while still getting it precisely to my commanded positions indexing without stopping or accelerating quickly.  Maybe using a MAG and MAM together?  I don’t know the best options as motion instructions are fairly new to me.